Whoopi Goldberg once dated this much older guy

 Whoopi Goldberg once dated this much older guy


Whoopi Goldberg, the acclaimed actress and co-host of The View, recently shared a surprising detail about her past romantic life, revealing that she once dated a man who was four decades her senior. This revelation came to light during a discussion on the show on March 7, where Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts were engaging in a conversation about the new film “The Idea of You.”

The movie features a storyline where Anne Hathaway’s character, a woman in her forties, becomes romantically involved with a much younger man, portrayed by twenty-four-year-old Nicholas Galitzine. The topic of age differences in relationships sparked a lively debate among the co-hosts, with Joy Behar pointing out the potential complexities that could arise in relationships with significant age gaps, especially as the partner ages.

Behar humorously noted that a relationship between a sixty-year-old and an eighty-year-old might become “a little hairy,” prompting Goldberg to share her own experience with a considerable age difference in a past relationship. Goldberg’s admission quickly did the math for the audience, indicating that her former partner would be at least 108 years old today, a fact that stands out even more when considering the ages of Behar and Sunny Hostin’s spouses, both of whom are younger than their wives, reported Us Weekly.

Co-host Joy Behar suggested that age gaps could sometimes be an issue, especially as the couple gets older. She quipped that a 60-year-old with an 80-year-old could get “a little hairy.” But Goldberg disagreed, revealing, “Actually, I’m just gonna say this to you. One of the last relationships I had, he was 40 years older than me.” This prompted Behar, 81, to enquire if the man was still alive, to which Goldberg replied “Mm-hmm.”

Throughout her life, Goldberg has been married three times, with her most recent marriage being to Lyle Trachtenberg, from whom she separated in 1995. Aside from her marriages, Goldberg has been known to have relationships with several actors, including Frank Langella, Timothy Dalton, and Ted Danson, marking a diverse and interesting romantic history.

Goldberg’s openness about her personal life and her willingness to share such an intimate detail about her past relationship adds a layer of authenticity and relatability to her public persona. Her experiences contribute to the broader conversation about the dynamics of age differences in romantic relationships, challenging societal norms and expectations.

As someone who has navigated the complexities of relationships both in and out of the public eye, Goldberg’s insights and experiences offer a unique perspective on love, compatibility, and the factors that contribute to a relationship’s success or failure, irrespective of age.

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