Whoopi Goldberg Tears Up Her Notes While Going In On Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘You Don’t Have To Watch It — I Did Not’

 Whoopi Goldberg Tears Up Her Notes While Going In On Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘You Don’t Have To Watch It — I Did Not’

(Photos: ABC/Everett Collection)

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman, has had enough of Whoopi Goldberg. During a conversation regarding Greene on Monday’s ABC talk program, the co-host of The View let out her irritation by ripping up her notes.

According to Decider, The View opened the episode by playing a clip of Greene making contentious remarks during a recent interview on 60 Minutes. In the interview, the representative said that Democrats “promote juvenile sexualization” and “grooming.”

Then Goldberg questioned her co-hosts about whether it was appropriate to hold 60 Minutes accountable for “legitimizing these absurd statements.”

We hold 60 Minutes to a high standard and this is not what we expect of them, co-host Ana Navarro said. “People are furious with 60 Minutes because it’s such a respected show [and] Lesley Stahl is such a respected journalist,” she said.

The program was “giving her a bigger microphone than she deserves or has earned,” Sara Haines said, agreeing. Nevertheless, Sunny Hostin said that the interview didn’t disturb her since “[Greene] looked like an idiot.”

The interviewing technique used by Stahl was, according to Hostin, the most problematic aspect.

“I wanted numbers and pushbacks… She added, “You know Lesley always has a book full of receipts. “Where did they go? Where did the invoices go? They were not present.

As the conversation went on, Goldberg’s rage increased. Greene professes to be a “protector of children,” yet the 67-year-old TV personality said that she “wants more firearms in schools.”

Moreover, Goldberg reminded the audience that Greene had previously demanded Nancy Pelosi “be hanged for treason.” Goldberg stopped and thought about what she wanted to say next before continuing her tirade.

She ripped her notes after saying, “No, I’m not even going to say it, I’m not going to say that.” The well-known TV personality expressed her fury in one last remark.

According to Goldberg, “We have individuals on these committees who have little brain power and the ability to keep ignoring any evidence or push-back.” She doesn’t mind if you reject her. She is one of those individuals who just does what she does. You’re not required to watch it; I didn’t.

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