Wendy Williams Teases Future Plans After Talk Show Finale Does Not Air Without Her

 Wendy Williams Teases Future Plans After Talk Show Finale Does Not Air Without Her

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Wendy Williams, what are you thinking? “doin’” What happens after her talk show is over? Williams is working on a new media endeavor, according to E! News. Irrespective of the fact that the Wendy Williams Show The program came to a sudden end on Friday. Williams was not present. Instead, Sherri Shepherd will take over the show. Umbrella, Sherri, as the guest host

More was the first to report on this. A preview clip of Billy Bush on the phone with Williams was posted by the outlet. Williams has stated that she will start a podcasting business. She stated that she had made contact. “With iTunes,” however, no further information was offered.

E! News Williams and Apple, which run iTunes and Apple Podcasts, did not return my calls after the news was posted. The Sun reported that Williams had received offers for podcasts. According to a source, “She sees Joe Rogan has a $100million podcast deal, and now she wants that kind of money.”

Some in the entertainment business aren’t sure if Williams will be consistent due to her absence from the self-titled talk show for the past year. Another insider stated, “The people at iHeart don’t like controversy, so the best place for her is Spotify. They like the wild cards, but even at Spotify they don’t give you the money unless you prove yourself first, and Wendy wants money upfront.” 

Despite the fact that she was not there for the series finale. The Wendy Williams Show aired its final episode on Friday. Shepherd, who was a guest host on the show at the time, paid tribute to Williams in the episode. Williams was described to be a “ex-TV personality” by her. “Queen of All Media,” “On behalf of all of the guest hosts, I want to say thank you so much to all of the loyal Wendy watchers for making this show a success.

And most of all, we have to thank you, Wendy Williams.” Shepherd continued, “If you think about it, Wendy Williams changed daytime talk with her unique take on ‘Hot Topics,’ her one-of-a-kind celebrity interviews, the signature ‘Ask Wendy’ segments and, of course, her famous, ‘How you doin’?’ Absolutely. And I want to say, Miss Wendy, you are an icon, and you are loved by so many. So many.”

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