Wendy Williams’ Son Faces Eviction Amid Financial Cut-off and Family Legal Struggles

 Wendy Williams’ Son Faces Eviction Amid Financial Cut-off and Family Legal Struggles


Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., recently faced eviction from his Miami apartment, spotlighting the challenges he’s encountered since being cut off financially by his mother. The eviction notice, issued in February, stemmed from unpaid rent, with reports indicating a monthly obligation of $3,731 and an outstanding balance of $4,317.08 for that month.

This legal action against Kevin unfolds against the backdrop of Wendy Williams’ own financial and legal complications, notably her guardianship situation, which has significantly impacted her son’s circumstances. Kevin Hunter Jr.’s financial woes were brought to light in the Lifetime docuseries “Where is Wendy Williams?” where he disclosed the cessation of financial support from his mother following her placement under guardianship.

According to The U.S. Sun, the filing stated, This isn’t the first time Kevin has faced such a predicament; in 2022, he was evicted from a $2 million luxury apartment due to rental arrears, coinciding with Wendy Williams’ financial conservatorship commencement. Court documents from that eviction revealed that Wendy Williams had been covering the expenses for her son’s accommodation.

The docuseries also delved into broader family dynamics and financial management issues, with Wendy’s nephew, Travis Finnie, hinting at potential financial exploitation within the family. The narrative took a turn when Kevin discussed allegations by Wells Fargo bank of financial misconduct by the family, suggesting that his high living expenses in Florida were misconstrued as frivolous spending.

He highlighted the high costs associated with maintaining the lifestyle his mother had established, including private flights and medical appointments, all charged to a shared American Express account. Travis Finnie further illuminated the extent of the spending, revealing that Kevin’s food delivery expenses alone might have surpassed $100,000, all sanctioned by Wendy Williams.

He juxtaposed these expenditures with the lavish $120,000 birthday party Wendy threw for Kevin and his $80,000 rent, raising questions about the rationale behind the guardianship and financial conservatorship decisions that have distanced Kevin from managing his mother’s care.

This series of events paints a complex picture of the financial and personal challenges faced by Wendy Williams and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., as they navigate the repercussions of fame, wealth, and legal entanglements. The eviction incident is but a snapshot of the ongoing saga that intertwines personal strife with public scrutiny, shedding light on the intricate and often tumultuous dynamics of celebrity families dealing with significant life changes and legal constraints.

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