Wendy Williams Guardianship ‘Worse Than Britney Spears’ Conservatorship,’ Claims Longtime Friend

 Wendy Williams Guardianship ‘Worse Than Britney Spears’ Conservatorship,’ Claims Longtime Friend

Credit: AP

Wendy Williams’ friend, Regina Schell, has voiced deep concerns over the former TV host’s guardianship, comparing it unfavorably to Britney Spears’ much-publicized conservatorship. In a rare interview with The US Sun, Schell described the situation as more troubling because a ‘stranger’ has been given control over Williams’ life. Williams, renowned for her dynamic presence on daytime television, was placed under legal guardianship in 2022 following a diagnosis of aphasia and dementia.

Schell emphasized that Williams’ guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, had no prior relationship with Williams before her court appointment. “This is a Britney Spears thing, only it’s worse since it’s not even Wendy’s family who has control,” Schell explained. “At least with Britney Spears, it was her dad, it was her family. This is a woman who’s not even family. And how does this guardian get all this standing?”

Schell revealed that before her diagnosis worsened, Williams had been actively seeking real estate and consulting financial experts at Bank of America to regain control of her finances. “I don’t know how she went from at least 90% Wendy to now she’s incapacitated and can never see anyone again,” Schell lamented. “She should be surrounded by friends and family right now, not isolated and alone.”

Having been Williams’ friend for 44 years and living with her during the summer of 2022, Schell expressed frustration over the lack of communication from the guardian. “Initially, when I was staying with Wendy in the summertime, we were triangulating, speaking to Sabrina, but then she kind of disappeared,” Schell shared.

In a previous interview with NewsNation anchor Chris Cuomo, Schell detailed the struggles Williams faced under her guardianship. “When I was in New York and staying with Wendy in the summer, I noticed when she would call… she had no access to her money,” she said. “So, every time she had to do anything that she had to pay for, she had to go through the guardian.” Schell even described how Williams often went hours without eating due to the logistical hurdles of her guardianship.

“When I went back to Los Angeles, I would have to send her food from Los Angeles to New York from a delivery service, because she wasn’t getting… the communication wasn’t there,” Schell recounted. “And she had no other access to money other than this guardian.” The producers of Lifetime’s “Where Is Wendy Williams?” cited Spears’ 13-year conservatorship to emphasize the ‘public importance’ of telling Williams’ story. Morrissey tried to prevent the 4.5-hour documentary project from airing, arguing it could ‘shamelessly’ exploit Williams’ struggles.

However, executive producer Mike Ford countered that he and his team ‘collaborated closely’ with Williams, who was at all times eager to participate in the documentary,’ as reported by People. Williams’ guardianship began in 2022 when Wells Fargo froze her accounts after her former financial advisor informed the bank she was of ‘unsound mind’ and incapable of managing her finances. Morrissey was then appointed as her guardian, but communication with Morrissey soon broke down, leading to significant issues in Williams’ daily life.

“Wendy would order food at 7:30 in the morning and wouldn’t receive that food until lunchtime,” Schell said. “Every time Wendy wanted to pay for anything, including necessities, she had to go through Sabrina Morrissey to get it.” Schell’s revelations highlight the severe impact of the guardianship on Williams’ life and well-being. “She should be surrounded by friends and family right now, not isolated and alone,” Schell emphasized. “What’s the end game in all of this?”

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