Vin Diesel Seeks Dismissal of S*exual Battery Case Filed by Former Assistant

 Vin Diesel Seeks Dismissal of S*exual Battery Case Filed by Former Assistant

(Vin Diesel/Instagram)

Last week marked a significant moment as Vin Diesel, the acclaimed 56-year-old actor, presented his formal rebuttal to allegations of se*xual battery made against him, firmly denying any misconduct. The actor found himself embroiled in legal strife when Asta Jonasson, a former assistant, lodged a lawsuit against him in December. Diesel has consistently denied the allegations since they were first made public.

In his latest legal move, Diesel has petitioned the court not only to dismiss the case but also to mandate Jonasson to bear the costs of his legal expenses. The origins of this legal battle trace back to 2010 on a film set in Atlanta, Georgia, where Jonasson was employed alongside Diesel. She alleged that during her time there, Diesel engaged in inappropriate behavior, including forcibly pulling her onto a bed, groping her without consent, and engaging in se*xual acts in her presence.

Bryan Freedman, Diesel’s attorney, had initially issued a denial on behalf of his client. However, Diesel’s formal response to the court, as reported by PEOPLE, vehemently denies each accusation leveled against him in Jonasson’s complaint. The response further contests any claims of damages or entitlement to relief on Jonasson’s part.

The lawsuit brought forth by Jonasson outlines several serious accusations against Diesel, including se*xual battery, se*x and/or gender discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, creation of a hostile work environment, wrongful termination, and retaliation. Jonasson contends that she was employed by Diesel’s production company, One Race Films, to assist in the production of Fast Five, but was dismissed mere hours after the alleged assault, a move she interprets as retaliation for rebuffing Diesel’s advances.

In defense of Diesel, his legal team points to Jonasson’s brief engagement with the company, emphasizing the dubious nature of the claims arising from such a short period of employment. Freedman, addressing the allegations in December, unequivocally denied the claims on Diesel’s behalf, highlighting the lack of any prior knowledge of the supposed incident that occurred over 13 years ago, and promised evidence to refute the “outlandish allegations.”

Jonasson’s ability to pursue legal action is grounded in legislative developments like the Speak Out Act and California’s AB2777, which aim to dismantle barriers for victims of se*xual misconduct seeking justice. The former prohibits non-disclosure agreements in se*xual assault or harassment cases, while the latter offers a temporary lift on the statute of limitations for se*xual abuse allegations, reflecting a broader societal shift in response to numerous high-profile cases. The court’s decision on whether to dismiss the case against Diesel remains pending, leaving the public and parties involved in a state of anticipation for the next developments.

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