Trump’s Golden Sneakers Spark Debate and Humor on ‘The View’

 Trump’s Golden Sneakers Spark Debate and Humor on ‘The View’


Last week, Donald Trump unveiled his latest venture into memorabilia with the launch of golden sneakers, setting the price tag at nearly $400. The hosts of “The View” were taken aback by the pricing, but Joy Behar saw a humorous side, suggesting the sneakers might help Trump’s supporters “run faster from the Capitol Police.”

During the show’s initial Hot Topic segment, the conversation veered towards Trump’s recent $355 million payment order in a New York civil fraud case, but the focus quickly shifted to the strikingly priced footwear. Sunny Hostin noted the striking resemblance between Trump’s sneakers and a pair of golden Gucci shoes, while moderator Whoopi Goldberg observed that the red soles seemed to mimic the iconic Louboutins.

Hostin, with a hint of amusement, speculated on the potential legal troubles Trump might face, including trademark infringement, jokingly suggesting that attorneys might take interest in the case, as par reports Decider.

Behar expressed astonishment at the $399 price, questioning the logic behind Trump supporters, often vocal about economic grievances, splurging on such “tacky sneakers.” She pondered the contradiction in their willingness to invest in the sneakers despite their usual complaints about high expenses like gas prices.

Goldberg, however, advised against judging Trump’s supporters too harshly, proposing that they should be free to make their own purchasing decisions. She humorously predicted that the true value of the sneakers would reveal itself once they began to disintegrate during use, likening them to subpar products that fall apart quickly.

Behar shared an anecdote about an acquaintance planning to purchase the sneakers as an investment, believing they would increase in value over time. She expressed skepticism about this rationale, doubting the sneakers’ potential as a valuable collectible in the future.

The discussion encapsulated a blend of humor, skepticism, and critique, focusing not only on the extravagance of the sneakers but also on the broader implications of such merchandise in the context of Trump’s political and legal controversies.

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