Travis Barker Addresses Speculation About Kim Kardashian After Memoir Revelations Resurface

 Travis Barker Addresses Speculation About Kim Kardashian After Memoir Revelations Resurface


Travis Barker is clarifying his position regarding the ongoing tension between his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, and her sister, Kim Kardashian, asserting that he isn’t the cause of their dispute.

The Kardashian sisters have had a strained relationship for some time, with a recent episode of The Kardashians showcasing an intense phone conversation between the two. As the tension escalated, fans began to wonder if Barker might be the underlying reason for their differences.

Barker’s 2015 memoir, which came out four years before he started dating Kourtney, mentioned a past infatuation with Kim, Kourtney’s younger sister. While dating Kim’s friend, Paris Hilton, Barker referred to Kim as “extremely attractive” and admitted to discreetly admiring her.

Yet, in a recent interview, Barker refuted the idea that his past feelings for Kim or his memoir had any bearing on the Kardashian sisters’ falling out. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, he said, “It’s ludicrous to think people assume they’ve figured out the cause of their argument based on little tidbits.”

He emphasized that sharing his past feelings was a way to move on. “It was a way to heal. Kourtney is aware of our past interactions. Nothing inappropriate ever occurred between Kim and me,” he stressed.

Adding to the controversy, in 2021, Barker’s former wife, Shanna Moakler, claimed he had been unfaithful to Kim during their marriage, saying, “I ended things when I discovered their affair.” She also noted a previous affair with Paris Hilton.

However, apart from Barker’s clarification, Kim too has denied any romantic involvement with him. In a 2021 response to a fan query, she emphasized, “We’ve been friends for a long time, and I’m genuinely happy for him and Kourtney.”

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