Who takes the Lead? Johnny Depp vs Ben Stiller

 Who takes the Lead? Johnny Depp vs Ben Stiller

Johnny Depp & Ben Stiller

who takes the lead johnny depp vs ben stillerWhen it comes to talking about the hottest, charismatic and multi-talented celebs of Hollywood, Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller are the names that immediately strike our minds. Both Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller come from American family backgrounds and are one of the biggest names of Tinsel Town.  Both Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller have come up with the biggest box office hits of Hollywood and have never yet failed to enthrall the audience with their remarkable performances.

Johnny Depp vs Ben Stiller

Johnny Depp came into the showbiz at a very early stage of his life. The aim of Johnny Depp was to become a successful musician however, fate had chosen something different for him. Although Johnny Depp worked for a music company for some time during the first few years of his career, he was born to climb the stairs to fame for the big screen.Johnny Depp made his debut in the movie called “Nightmare on the Elm Street” and everyone loved his performance. After that he got offers from bigger filmmakers like Tim Burton, Stephen J. Cannel, Rob Marshall and many others. Some of the successful ventures of Johnny Depp include 21 Jump Street, Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean, Benny and Joon, Alice in Wonderland, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a number of others. Johnny Depp has been nominated many times for the Oscars and he has one many other awards including BAFTA Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Golden Globe Awards and many others. Ben Stiller is not far behind Johnny Depp and the success story of Ben Stiller is as happening and exotic as Johnny Depp’s.

Benjamin Edward, or Ben Stiller is an American comedian actor, producer, writer and film maker. Ben Stiller comes from an entirely different family background as compared to Johnny Depp as both his parents were in the same field and were great comedian actors of their time. The inborn acting talents of Ben Stiller can easily be seen in each of his box office hits. Ben Stiller has also hosted his very own show which gained a lot of popularity called “The Ben StillerShow”. Ben Stiller made his directorial debut with “Reality Bites” which gained fame with both positive and negative remarks from the audience. However, the film was easily ranked as the highest grossing film in its very opening week. Ben Stiller has won many awards on his amazing comedic performances. Some of the major awards include the Emmys, MTV Movie Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Teen’s Choice Awards and many other noticeable ones. Meet the Parents and Night at the Museum are two of the most loved movies if Ben Stiller.

Johnny Depp or Ben Stiller ?

All in all, if we look deep into the similarity of these two multi-faceted actors of Hollywood, we come to witness thatJohnny Depp and Ben Stiller are not merely actors; instead, they are the ultimate performers of the modern day and one of the finest individuals of Hollywood. Through their exceptional work, natural talent of acting skills and dedication, they have surely become one of the most loved personalities all around the globe. It is extremely hard, in fact impossible to rate Johnny Depp above Ben Stiller or vice versa because both, Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller are entertain the world with their own versatility and originality.

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