Jim Carrey-The Hilarious Actor

 Jim Carrey-The Hilarious Actor

Jim CarreyThe most famous comedy actor of today’s world is non-other than Jim Carry. Jim’s family was not very well off but he worked hard in show business and made his way to one of the highly paid actors.

Jim Carry is a 49 years old actor born on 17th January 1962 in Ontario. Jim Carry has three siblings Pat, John and Rita with whom he spent his early life in New market town which is at the north of Toronto. Jim Carry was son of Percy who used to play sax. But Percy sold his dream and got job as an accountant. He was not a successful man. His father in law used to call him as a loser. Jim Carry’s mother was Kathleen who was a patient of depression and was often ill.

Jim Carry is a very social person since his childhood. Jim studied TV shows and was fond of acting and writing poems. When he was very young he insisted his teachers in school so much that they had to agree on giving 10 minute slot to Jim Carry at the end of school for his performance. At age of 10 he wrote a book of poems and tried to get it published and also sent his resume to Carol Burnett show producers. Since childhood Jim had potential to be annoying. He even used to sleep with his tap shoes on in case his parents might need to be cheering up at night.

When Jim Carry was 16 years old he was dropped out of college. He tried to make his way to show business. Jim first debut was in Yuk Yuk’s comedy in which he wore yellow dress which was made by her mother Kathleen. After that Jim started working as celebrity impersonation at many clubs. Then he made his way to Los Angeles. There he impressed Rodney Dangerfield and won an opening act.

Many people have pointed fingers on the acting skills of actors like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise but nobody has ever doubted acting skills of Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey’s skills of acting are marvelous. It is quite difficult to underestimate the work Jim has done in Hollywood. Acting he has done and the role he has played can never be played even by world famous actors. He has one of his own styles which cannot be copied.

Ace Ventura- Pet detective and The Mask were the movies which made Jim Carry famous in 1994. Jim had worked in many movies before that but they were not very much famous. Then in 1995 Jim got a role in batman forever and its second part of Ace Ventura: When nature calls. In 1996 he acted in cable guy and got $20 million which was highest ever paid to any comic actor at that time. After this his luck started shining and Jim became famous and gave many hit movies like Me, Myself and Irene and How the Grinch stole Christmas.

It is very difficult to find anyone who is not aware of hilarious acting by Jim Carry, Jim has big name in Hollywood now. You like Jim Carry or not, still you cannot ignore him.

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