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 Ben Bledsoe

Ben BledsoeBenjamin Frederick Bledsoe, an American pop singer and an actor was born on 11th May 1982 in Snellville, Georgia. He spent most of his life performing as a solo singer with his band named “Natural”.Bledsoe started his career as an actor and then gradually moved to print modeling, national commercials and network and cable television shows. He did not only focus at performing at celebrity events but also contributed in charity work.

• Early life:

Ben Bledsoe imagesBen Bledsoe is a talented actor and he has been acting since he was a child. In 1980s and 1990s, Bledsoe appeared in a number of televisions shows and commercials. Furthermore, Bledsoe was an active team player throughout his school and college life by being a part of “Odyssey of the Mind, which is a creative problem solving competition for students. He has also been privileged to participate in world’s top competition along with his team due to his skills and talents. Later,Bledsoe became a member of MENSA. He has been offered for guest appearances in a number of television shows like Nickelodeon television series The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.

• Career as Natural:

Ben Bledsoe photosBledsoe was satisfied with his career as an actor before meeting up with Future band mate Marc Terenzi after he moved to Florida. He formed his band “Natural” with fellow members Patrick King and Michael Johnson. Bledsoe’s band Natural was a mixture of pop and rock music. They started promoting their band by performing at local events and pubs and later, they started performing on international tours as well. Bledsoe along with his band also performed at Germany’s festival “Popkomm” and it was completely sold out.

After Germany, the band along with Bledsoealso went to countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, France and Sweden and people absolutely loved their performance. Their single “Put Your Arms Around Me” hit the billboard charts during the first week of its release.Bledsoe’s bands other songs like Will It Ever, Runaway, Let Me Just Fly, What If and Just One Last Dance was also a huge success.

• Career as Life of an Insomniac:

Ben Bledsoe wallpapersBledsoe’s Natural Band’s first album is called “An Insomniac’s Way to a Lonely Heart”. The reason behind the name of this album was Bledsoe’s lack of sleep when he was working day and night on his first album. The album was released after the band finished their last tour in 2004.

• Acting career:

Ben BledsoeBledsoe’s has worked as a lead actor and also made guest appearances in a number of TV series and movies like Good Grief, Ronal the Barbarian, No One Will Know, The Mystery files of Shelby Woo, Kennan &Kel, The Simpsons, House M.D., Glee, The Mentalist, Castle, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: NY, The Fresh Beat Band, Jessie, MotuPatlu and Hawaii Five-0.  

• Social Work:

During his Europe tour, Bledsoe performed at a charity tour to raise money for breast cancer research sponsored by Hard Rock Café. Furthermore, he also played for “Relief” which is a benefit for Tsunami victims.

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