Tom Sandoval brands Ariana Madix ‘petty’ over refusal to accept $3.1M offer

 Tom Sandoval brands Ariana Madix ‘petty’ over refusal to accept $3.1M offer


Tom Sandoval has leveled accusations of pettiness against Ariana Madix amidst an ongoing property dispute following their breakup last year. The couple, who had been together for nearly a decade, have found themselves embroiled in a legal tangle over the fate of their jointly owned home in Valley Village.

This dispute took a more formal turn two weeks ago when Madix initiated legal action aiming to compel the listing of their shared property for sale. During a candid discussion on Nick Viall’s podcast, “The Viall Files,” Sandoval opened up about the intricacies of the disagreement.

He revealed that Madix had rejected an offer he believed to be equitable for the purchase of her share in the property. Sandoval was transparent about the specifics of his proposal, which included a buyout sum of $3.1 million, a figure he contends was a fair attempt to amicably settle their dispute, told Daily Mail.

The 40-year-old singer voiced his grievances, challenging the narrative that his insistence on retaining the house was unreasonable. He refuted allegations framing his actions as extreme, clarifying, “Ariana is making it out to be that me wanting to keep the house is a psychopath move, but it’s not.”

Sandoval further elaborated on his position by highlighting that Madix had not contributed financially towards the house’s expenses for eight months and had vacated the premises two to three months prior. He likened her legal maneuvers to a frustrated player upending a Monopoly board, suggesting that her actions were more about disrupting the process than resolving the issue.

The crux of Madix’s legal challenge is her request for a ‘partition by sale.’ This legal term indicates her wish for the court to step in and order the sale of the house, thereby allowing for an equitable distribution of the proceeds between her and Sandoval. This move signals a deepening of the rift between the former partners, transforming their separation into a legal battle over their once-shared home.

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