Tom Brady confesses he’s going to be a better parent after Netflix roast

 Tom Brady confesses he’s going to be a better parent after Netflix roast

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Tom Brady recently opened up about his feelings towards the Netflix roast, admitting that it had an impact on his children that he didn’t anticipate. During an appearance on the latest episode of The Pivot Podcast, Brady shared his thoughts on the experience.

Brady expressed that he enjoyed the jokes directed at him, finding them amusing and fun. However, he didn’t foresee the broader implications of the roast, particularly how it would affect his family. Reflecting on his decision to participate, Brady explained that his motivation stemmed from his relationship with Jeff Ross, a prominent figure in the comedy world.

“I didn’t like the way that affected my kids,” revealed the 46-year-old father of three children. The retired NFL star explained, “It’s the hardest part about, like, the bittersweet aspect of when you do something that you think is one way, and then all of a sudden you realize I wouldn’t do that again because of the way that affected actually the people that I care about the most in the world.”

Reflecting on why he agreed to do the roast, Brady mentioned, “I wanted to do the roast because the guy Jeff Ross became someone that I knew, and then you just don’t see the full picture all the time.” “So I think it’s a good lesson for me as a parent,” continued the former football player. Brady added, “I’m going to be a better parent as I go forward because of it, and at the same time, I’m happy everyone who was there had a lot of fun.”

He mentioned that knowing Ross influenced his choice, but acknowledged that he didn’t fully consider the potential consequences at the time. Brady shares three children with his former wife, Gisele Bündchen, and is also the father to 16-year-old Jack with ex-partner Bridget Moynahan. The roast, titled “The Greatest of All Time,” included discussions about Brady and Bündchen’s divorce, which was finalized in October 2022.

This aspect of the roast brought unintended attention and sensitivity to his personal life, particularly affecting his children. The candid conversation on the podcast highlighted the challenges that public figures face when their personal lives are brought into the spotlight. For Brady, the roast was an eye-opening experience, revealing the delicate balance between his public persona and his responsibilities as a father.

The impact on his children made him reconsider the implications of participating in such public events. Overall, Brady’s reflections underscore the complexity of navigating fame and personal life. His experience with the Netflix roast serves as a reminder of the far-reaching effects that public scrutiny can have on families, particularly children. By sharing his story, Brady offers insight into the less visible challenges that come with being a high-profile figure and the importance of considering the broader impact of public engagements.

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