Tish Cyrus accused of ‘stealing’ Dominic Purcell from daughter Noah Cyrus

 Tish Cyrus accused of ‘stealing’ Dominic Purcell from daughter Noah Cyrus

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The ongoing saga within the Cyrus family appears to intensify with fresh revelations emerging about the circumstances leading up to Tish Cyrus’s marriage to Dominic Purcell. In a twist to the already complex family narrative, it has been suggested that Tish Cyrus may have initiated a relationship with Purcell, known for his role in “Prison Break,” while he was romantically involved with her daughter, Noah Cyrus.

According to a source quoted by Us Weekly, Noah Cyrus was romantically linked to Dominic Purcell before Tish Cyrus began her pursuit of him. This claim starkly contrasts the account Tish shared on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast earlier, where she recounted discovering a message from Purcell dating back to 2016, long after her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus was finalized.

Describing her first date, Tish shared that they went out for lunch and “[made] out for three hours,” adding that they said “I love you” a day later.

Further complicating the family dynamics, it was disclosed that Noah Cyrus was conspicuously absent from Tish and Dominic’s wedding, which took place at Miley Cyrus’s residence in August 2023. This absence fueled speculation among fans, who previously theorized that Noah’s decision to not attend the ceremony was a gesture of solidarity with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and brother, Braison.

Adding to the tension, it was reported that Miley Cyrus had taken the extraordinary measure of stationing armed guards outside her home on the day of the wedding. This precaution was allegedly intended to prevent Noah, who resides near Miley, from making an unexpected appearance at the event.

This new layer of complexity sheds light on the deep-seated issues within the Cyrus family, revealing a tangled web of relationships and loyalties that extend beyond the public personas of its members. The revelations not only highlight the personal conflicts within the family but also underscore the challenges of navigating familial relationships in the public eye.

“The turmoil between Noah and Tish goes far beyond [what people think],” the source said. “Noah is very distraught over Tish stealing Dominic from her.” None of the parties involved in the feud have made an explicit comment on their family drama.

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