Zuzanna Krzatala

 Zuzanna Krzatala

Zuzanna KrzatalaZuzanna Krzatala, the hot girl of today is a super model belonging to Poland.  This young super model is the emerging fashion icon that is getting popular day by day. How Zuzanna Krzatala became a super model or what are her favorites. If you want to know then keep on reading:

A little about Zuzanna Krzatala:

  • Name: Zuzanna Krzatala
  • Nationality: Polish
  • Height: 175cm
  • Measurements: 84-60-89
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green

Zuzanna Krzatala describes herself as a wandering girl which she believes is a trait of her name ‘Krzatala” which means ‘to wander about’ in Polish.

A little about her Career:


Zuzanna Krzatala started her career in a very young age with a very interesting and unique way of getting discovered. How was Zuzanna Krzatala discovered? Well here is the story. While trying to get away from a chemistry exam in school when she was 13, she went to a shopping center where an agency was looking for models for a competition. I guess that was Zuzanna Krzatala’s lucky day when she thought of giving a shot at it with her friends. Surprisingly none of her friends got chosen but Zuzanna Krzatala was. So it turns out skipping a chemistry exam turned out to be very lucky for this hot girl. But the young Zuzanna Krzatala believes more in hard work and self-belief rather than luck.

Big Break:

Being a part of Christopher Kane show in London, Zuzanna Krzatala considers that to be her ‘big break’ when she also got herself enrolled Supreme Management agency.

Personal Style:

Taking inspirations from catwalks, Zuzanna Krzatala wants to keep her personal style playful and fun. She enjoys the off-beat masterpieces like Kenzo oversized jackets or the original Dior shoes from the 80s.

Personal Likes:

Zuzanna Krzatala likes both editorial work and runway but she rates runway more exciting than editorial work. Her favorite designers are Stella McCartney, Sonia Rykiel Scissor Sisters Rodarte [a.k.a. Kate & Laura Mulleavy] while Numero magazine is one of her favorite fashion magazines.

Now how about we tell you about Zuzanna Krzatala’s other personal likes such as her favorite food or music like we all have. Zuzanna Krzatala’s favourite food is anything her mum cooks and it is the one thing which she misses the most when she is away from home though she rates her own cooking ability very low. As for music she relates songs to her own life. Songs like ‘Rocky Took a Lover by Bell X1’, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles’ and ‘Talk Show Host by Radiohead’ seemed to be very attached to some special moments of her life.

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