Raquel Zimmermann

 Raquel Zimmermann

Raquel Zimmermann BiographyRaquel Zimmermann, a renowned name in the list of fashion models, was born on 6th May, 1983. She is a German Brazilian in her origin and has been categorically stated as one of the top model of the fashion industry of the world. In her child hood, Raquel Zimmermann had interested in routine life and never thought of the glory she is having today.

Raquel Zimmermann has stepped in this field of fashion modeling when she was just 14 years old by the support of her friend. Raquel Zimmerman is one of those few models who have started their career in very age and succeeded to apex of this field.

Raquel Zimmermann Career:

Raquel Zimmermann fashion model was discovered by the fashion agency called Porto Alegre. She is one of the very rare fashion models who have made her way to the stairs of glory in the fashion world. In her early career, Raquel Zimmermann has joined the ranks of the modeling by putting herself on the cover of the famous Vogue Italia in 2000. In her comparison, she is almost equal to the Cindy Crawford, another legendry model.

Raquel Zimmermann has a huge list of brands she has modeled for. It would be interesting to know the most unheard part of her career that she has been the only model in the history that has never went out of fashion for the last ten consecutive years. Punctual and professional Raquel Zimmermann has very models in her competition in the fashion industry of the world.

Raquel Zimmermann Exceptional Achievements:

She is; no doubt, deserve to be nominated as one of the finest models. Raquel Zimmermann Pictures’ analysis will clearly reveal the talent, attitude and beauty which took her to heights of the profession.

  • In May 2007, she has been included in the list of world’s next top models.
  • Unlike many other models, Raquel Zimmermann has been stood as the top most model by the famous fashion websites from 2007 to the 2010.
  • In the same year 2007, Raquel Zimmermann has appeared in the television commercial of the brand Gucci. Remember, it was the first ever commercial by the Gucci.

List of Brands, Raquel Zimmermann has modeled for:

There is a huge list of the brands. Since Raquel Zimmerman has been outclassed in her profession from the very early days, there have been ample brands that felt proud while hiring Raquel Zimmermann for the modeling purpose. Few of the brands are mentioned here for which she has campaigned for:

Dolce Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Velintino, Versace, Cerruti, GAP, Clariol. Raquel Zimmermann has also campaigned for; French Vogue, Italian Vogue, Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and American Vogue. She has also worked in the videos of Lady Gaga famous “Born This Way.”

Raquel Zimmermann Personal Life:

Raquel Zimmermann is reported to have very simplicity in her life. No scandals and to publicity trends has been the hall marks of her career. According to some sources, it has come to know that the Raquel Zimmermann is the practitioner of the Yoga. And the technique she used is the Transcendental meditation technique. In order to understand the real glory of the Raquel Zimmermann, one should take just a look on any of the world’s famous fashion magazine and one will find that the Raquel Zimmermann pictures are the integral part of the fashion world.

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