Jensen Ross Ackles

 Jensen Ross Ackles

Jensen Ross AcklesJensen Ross Ackles is an American based actor, who is extremely talented and has a lot of fan following. He was born in Dallas Texas on the 1st of March, 1978. He had played the role of Mr. Rhodes, Sweet Valley High in his early age which was based on one of the favorite novel series for teenagers of that time. He has a lot of fans everywhere in the world and he is famous for his roles on television as Eric Brady in Days of our lives,Alec McDowell in Dark angel, and Jason Teague in Smallville. Jensen Ross Ackles is mostly seen in the serials which are generally from the genres like Action, drama and mystery, Romance or Sci-Fi. His personality also goes with these genres and the characters he opts actually suit him

In Days of our lives:

It is a very old daytime soap opera which used to be broadcasted on the NBC television network, though it was not a highly rated series but Jensen Ross Ackles’s role in the series was significant enough to give his career a push. It actually made him gain popularity and a source to make a carrier out of it.

Dark angel:It is not a very old television series and it also had a much more fan following than ‘In days of our lives’. It lies in the genre action, drama and mystery.


A famous serial directed and produced by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Jensen Ross Ackles appeared as Jason Teague in 22 episodes between 2004 and 2005. Smallville is a romantic plot with a blend of sci-fiction and drama.


Jensen Ross Ackles is recently staring as Dean Winchester in the famous series Supernatural in which he and his co-star (Jared Padalecki) are hunting paranormal predators. Supernatural is one of the high ranked and most watched serials, which is famous among all kind of viewers. Ackles has signed for Season 7 of supernatural and will start working on it for the next year releasing.

His Personal life:

Ackles started modeling at the age of 4, which is not very usual and one cannot assume a kid to get into modeling or acting because he initially started modeling. As he grew up he started to talk it seriously and he started to focus on his acting career. Jensen Ross Ackles has an elder brother and a younger sister who is not into show-biz and have different professions. His family and friends call him with his nick names Jay and Jackles. He dated Dannel Harris, who is an actress, model, and gymnast by profession, for three years. He got engaged in November 2009, after that the wedding took place in Texas in May 2010. Jensen Ross Ackles considers himself a non-denominational Christian. DanneelAcklesis also a known actress and before starting her acting career she worked as a model for various companies like Big Sexy Hair and Juicy Jeans. She is mainlyrecognized for her roles as Shannon McBainon One Life to Live and Rachel Gattina on One Tree Hill.

Jensen Ackles planned to become a physical therapist and studied sports medicine at Texas Teech University. He really enjoys horseback riding and used to play baseball and lacrosse in high school.

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