Fashion Model – Kate Moss

 Fashion Model – Kate Moss

kate moss modelFashion model Kate Moss was born on the 16th of January, 1974, in Croydon, Surrey, England.  Fashion model Kate Moss has become one of the most acknowledged and maximum paid super models of the ’90s. The stunning beauty of Fashion model Kate Moss was discovered in 1988, when she was only 14 years old, by Sarah Doukas, at JFK Airport in New York City. The Fashion career of Fashion model Kate Moss started in the age of 15, when Corinne Day shot the photographs for ‘black and white’, of her British magazine. The Face shoot of Fashion model Kate Moss, in a photo titled “The Third Summer of Love”. Afterward, Fashion model Kate Moss remained on her own means of becoming the latest “It” girl, whose gorgeous features would show up all over.

Fashion model Kate Moss graced many covers of the different Fashion magazines; besides that she has also appeared in several advertisements as well. Fashion model Kate Moss virtually became a staple in the advertisements of Calvin Klein, for example the fragrances like CK Be and CK One, Obsession etc. The Calvin Klein, man behind these controversial ads, can be acclaimed in establishing the career of Fashion model Kate Moss in the early 1990’s. Besides performing to Calvin Klein ads, Fashion model Kate Moss has also came into view in the ads for Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Cerruti 1881, L’Oreal, Burberry, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Fashion model Kate Moss has also supported her possessions on the ramps by big-name designers like Chanel, Versace and Calvin Klein. Fashion model Kate Moss proved her self through the small and big screens too. In 1996, Fashion model Kate Moss appeared in numerous episodes of the British comedy sequences, such as ‘French and Saunders’, plus in movies like Isaac Mizrahi’s Unzipped (1995), Beautopia (1998), Catwalk (1996), and Original Copies (1999). Fashion model Kate Moss emerged as Maid Marian/Queen Marian in Blackadder Back & Forth, in 1999.

Besides all these, on May 1, 2007, the anthology of clothes, exclusively designed by Fashion model Kate Moss for the Top shop chain, were launched across the UK in the chain’s 225 stores. A ‘countdown to launch’ board by Fashion model Kate Moss, packed a casement of flagship Oxford Street store of the company. Further more, on April 30, Fashion model Kate Moss commenced the clothing line at Top shop in Oxford Street.


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