Steve Harvey Stuns Family Feud Contestants with Unusual Survey Question

 Steve Harvey Stuns Family Feud Contestants with Unusual Survey Question

Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Family Feud, the iconic weeknight game show that first graced television screens in 1976, has long been celebrated for its combination of humor and unexpected survey questions. Over the decades, the show has been hosted by a series of charismatic figures, all of whom have brought their unique brand of comedy to the forefront, aligning perfectly with the show’s entertaining format. In a recent episode that epitomized the show’s penchant for the unconventional, current host Steve Harvey presented contestants Hannah and Sara with a particularly quirky question.

The question posed to the contestants at the podium was, “What might a guy with man boobs keep in his cleavage?” This humorous inquiry prompted immediate reactions from the participants, with Sara quick on the buzzer to suggest, “A cigar.” Her response, though unexpected, was validated as the eighth most popular answer, securing her some points but leaving room for Hannah to provide a higher-ranking response.

Given the opportunity to outdo her opponent, Hannah seized the moment and offered an answer that ranked higher on the survey’s list. This pivotal moment allowed her and her team, the Cheshier family, to make a strategic decision on whether to take on the challenge of the round. Opting to play, the Cheshiers showcased their collective wit and knowledge, managing to reveal all eight answers on the board and secure a significant victory in the process, reported Monsters and Critics.

The intriguing exchange between Hannah and Sara, along with the subsequent success of the Cheshier family, was captured and shared on Family Feud’s official YouTube channel, attracting attention from the show’s widespread fan base. As viewers tuned in to witness the competition between the Cheshier and Diaz families, many were particularly captivated by the unusual nature of the survey question Steve Harvey had posed.

This episode serves as a testament to Family Feud’s enduring appeal, blending humor with the unexpected to create memorable television moments. It underscores the show’s ability to maintain its relevance and entertainment value through the years, continually engaging audiences with its unique blend of comedy and competition.

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