Viewer Backlash as Steve Harvey Criticized for Lecturing ‘Family Feud’ Contestant

 Viewer Backlash as Steve Harvey Criticized for Lecturing ‘Family Feud’ Contestant

(Image credit: Entertainment Tonight)

Viewers of Family Feud expressed their displeasure with Steve Harvey after he had a moment of admonishment for a contestant during the game. In an episode featuring a face-off, Kristian from the Gilbert family was pitted against Medina of the Abed family. The game was set with the challenge of identifying the top eight answers from a survey of 100 people to the question, “What might make a lady frog fall in love with a bullfrog?”

Kristian, eager to respond, was the first to hit the buzzer. When it was his turn to answer, he suggested “His scent.” Unfortunately, this answer did not align with any of the top eight responses, leading to a strike for the Gilbert family and no points added to their tally. This allowed Medina to respond, and her answer, “Warts,” secured the Abed family’s position by being the sixth top answer, allowing them the choice to continue the game or pass it to their opponents.

As the Abed family chose to play on, Harvey took a moment with Kristian for a brief chat. Harvey inquired about the last time Kristian had encountered the scent of a frog, to which Kristian admitted he had not. However, he speculated that the scent could be appealing to female frogs. Harvey acknowledged Kristian’s logic but reminded him that the game’s answers were based on a survey of 100 people, hinting that common perceptions might differ from personal logic.

Kristian took Harvey’s advice in stride, and the moment concluded with a friendly gesture from Harvey as Kristian rejoined his family. This interaction was highlighted in a video titled “Steve Harvey scolds Kristian at the podium!!” on Family Feud’s YouTube channel, sparking reactions from the show’s audience.

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