Sophie Turner ‘felt like a bird trapped in a gilded cage’ after US move with Joe Jonas

 Sophie Turner ‘felt like a bird trapped in a gilded cage’ after US move with Joe Jonas


Sophie Turner recently opened up about her initial romance and subsequent challenges with her now-estranged husband Joe Jonas, in a candid interview for the cover story of British Vogue. The 28-year-old actress shared her experiences from when she first followed Jonas to the United States, a move that marked a significant transition in her life.

In 2021, Turner relocated to Miami with Jonas and their children, but the change wasn’t as idyllic as she had hoped. She described feeling “like a little bird trapped in a gilded cage,” highlighting the discomfort and confinement she felt in her new surroundings. This sentiment was compounded by broader national concerns. The rampant gun violence across the country and the overturning of Roe vs. Wade deeply affected her, intensifying her feelings of homesickness and disconnect from her new environment, told E! Online.

“We were in this community full of 50-year-old men, so imagine trying to make friends on the dog walk,” she explained. “I just felt like a little bird trapped in a gilded cage. It was amazing, yes, but I didn’t have any friends there.”

“I couldn’t fathom being a mother of one of those children knowing that this was something your country could fix, that they’d rather have rights to guns than give kids a right to life,” the Do Revenge actress said of the killings in Uvalde, Texas in 2022. “Meanwhile, women in the US are being stripped of their rights, left, right and center,” shared Sophie. “It all contributed to this feeling of I have to get out, I have to get out.”

In search of comfort and familiarity, the couple moved to a short-term rental in London in April 2023. However, the relief was temporary as their relationship faced increasing strain. Only a few months after their move, Turner and Jonas found their dreams dissolving as they approached the reality of divorce.

Turner’s reflections provide a deeply personal glimpse into the challenges of navigating life changes while in the public eye. Her journey from following love across the Atlantic to grappling with profound personal and societal issues underscores the complexities of her life and relationships during this turbulent period. The actress’s story resonates with themes of displacement, adaptation, and the eventual acceptance of change as she and Jonas navigate their paths forward.

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