Snoop Dogg reveals the only person who can out-smoke him

 Snoop Dogg reveals the only person who can out-smoke him

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

When it comes to puffing the herb, Snoop Dogg has revealed the one guy who can smoke him under the table. By this point, it’s pretty well become Snoop Dogg’s calling card; he always has a cloud of foul smoke trailing him.

He is well-known for his lengthy musical career, his numerous artistic partnerships, and his fondness for the devil’s lettuce. Yet there have been times when he’s just had to concede that he came out as the underdog, and it took another musician to convince him that enough was enough.

Willie Nelson is one of the most recognizable country music artists in the world. He helped establish the genre and, well into his latter years, continued to popularise the long hair and double plaits style. He is, however, also among the most well-known marijuana users in the world.

It turns out that when Willie and Snoop smoked it up together, even Snoop couldn’t keep up with him. This information was revealed during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! episode from 2018 when the Doggfather was asked to name the people he would include on a “Mount Rushmore” of marijuana users.

When Seth Rogen visited last week, we discussed the Mount Rushmore of marijuana smokers, and of course, you are on, Kimmel added. “And I believe Seth is depicted on Mount Rushmore. Whom would you engrave on Mount Rushmore?”

Snoop took some time to consider before naming his own top dogs, then he said: “I’d suggest Bob Marley. Cheech and Chong would be on my list since they were the first people we saw on the mountain and they taught us what a mountain was.” The true chief was his next target.

Willie P. Nelson is unquestionably included, he continued. “And just so you know, only Willie Nelson has ever outspoken Snoop Dogg. I had to press the “time out” key.” When Kimmel followed up by asking if he’d ever had to use that specific button, the rapper said, “Never, never.”

Willie has now confirmed this story, telling the Daily Beast in an interview: “It was over in Amsterdam! “Hey buddy, you’ve got to come over here,” I said to Snoop over the phone. This is the place to be! “Well, he came over, and we went to all the bars and smoking spots in Amsterdam. We had a fantastic time.

When questioned about what had made him so resistant to the sweet leaf, Willie responded, “Well, I don’t know. I’m sure there are others that can smoke more than I can! I don’t smoke as much as I used to. Using a vaporizer is now my preferred method because it is better for my lungs. Nelson has undoubtedly contributed more than his fair share throughout the years at the age of 89.

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