Singer Publicly Rejects Simon Cowell’s Offer for New Show ‘Midas Touch’

 Singer Publicly Rejects Simon Cowell’s Offer for New Show ‘Midas Touch’


Simon Cowell, renowned for his roles on X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, is on the hunt for the next big boy band. However, his search encountered a hiccup when a young singer publicly rejected his offer. Cowell, now 64, is aiming to find ‘megastars’ for a new music project.

His team has been reaching out to young artists on social media, particularly those aged 16-18, and Fin Power, the lead singer of the Liverpool band STONE, was one such artist approached. Power took to TikTok to read out Cowell’s offer, which stated, “Hello, Fin. I’m contacting you on behalf of Simon Cowell! We are working with him to scout singers around the age of 16-18 years for a new boyband, which is being filmed as part of a potential televised documentary following him on his search.

The company following Simon Cowell is BTBSC Series Ltd, trading as Box-to-Box Films. I’d like to provide you with further information about how you would like to audition for this if you are interested.” Power’s response was blunt and dismissive, replying, “Tell Simon to go f–k himself. Team 1D.”

Cowell’s new show, Simon Cowell: Midas Touch, will be on Netflix and seems aimed at replicating his success with One Direction. A source told The Sun, “Netflix is the perfect place for his new show and Box To Box, who are producing the series, have worked with them before.” However, Cowell wasn’t entirely pleased with the show’s name, explaining, “Simon knows he is the best at what he does, and calling his show ‘Midas Touch’ gives a new meaning to blowing your own trumpet.”

The search for new talent includes auditions in several cities and X Factor-style boot camps in Newcastle, Liverpool, Dublin, and London. Cowell is committed to finding the next big thing in music. He told the Daily Mail about the challenges of uncovering talent nowadays, stating, “Right now record labels aren’t signing enough new talent.

So the amount of UK artists who are breaking worldwide has fallen off a cliff because I think there is too much competition online. People don’t knock on your door saying, ‘I’ve got a new band.’ It doesn’t happen. You’ve got to go out there yourself and do it. So that’s what we are doing.”

Recently, Cowell also discussed his work ethic and his reluctance to retire. He shared that his father had to retire due to working for a big company, a fate Cowell wants to avoid by working for himself. He told The Mirror, “Oh God no. I’ll probably drop dead doing what I’m doing. As long as I think there’s a need or a purpose and it’s something I can do well, I’m up for it.”

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