Simon Cowell breaks his silence on missing out BGT for ‘mystery illness’

 Simon Cowell breaks his silence on missing out BGT for ‘mystery illness’


Simon Cowell has addressed concerns about his health following his brief absence from “Britain’s Got Talent,” attributing it to migraines induced by the intense filming lights. Dispelling rumors of a serious “mystery illness,” Cowell and his insiders assert that the speculation around his departure from the show is greatly exaggerated and unfounded.

A close source revealed to PEOPLE that Cowell was back on set the following morning and continued filming throughout the week, including starting a new filming schedule in Manchester. The source emphasized that Cowell’s health is in top shape, highlighting his active lifestyle that includes cycling, walking, and engaging in reformer Pilates to strengthen his back.

Cowell’s use of tinted glasses has been a practical response to mitigate the effects of the bright lights on set, which can trigger his migraines. This personal solution has even led friends to suggest he should develop his line of light-filtering glasses to assist others who face similar issues.

In a candid social media post, Cowell reassured his followers by explaining his recent absence from two auditions was due to migraines from long days under filming lights. He also shared his excitement for the upcoming “Britain’s Got Talent” filming in Manchester, using the opportunity to explain the practical reason behind his signature tinted glasses.

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