Why was Sherri Shepherd fired from the Wendy Williams Show after receiving positive feedback from viewers?

 Why was Sherri Shepherd fired from the Wendy Williams Show after receiving positive feedback from viewers?

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Fans were excited to see Sherri Shepherd guest-host “The Wendy Williams Program” again this week, but she was unable to do so due to a scheduling conflict, and Michael Rapaport was forced to step in to head the talk show.

According to Us Weekly, the 54-year-old TV personality was meant to take over the famed purple chair on Monday, but she was abruptly yanked from her tenure due to a medical emergency.

Shepherd did not show up for the hosting assignment, according to her publicist, because she had to have emergency surgery for appendicitis.

“Sherri Shepherd required emergency surgery yesterday due to appendicitis. In a statement to Deadline, the publicist added, “The treatment was successful, and Ms. Shepherd is doing good and recuperating.”

“She is heartbroken that she will not be able to guest host ‘The Wendy Williams Show today,” the statement added, “but she is following doctors’ orders and is expected to make a full recovery.”

Shepherd, for one, rushed to Instagram to express her dissatisfaction with her absence. She posted screenshots of the Deadline piece with a caption regarding the procedure.

“If you caught the news of my emergency surgery on today’s @WendyWilliams show, you saw it.” Thanks to @MichaelRapaport for stepping in at the last minute to fill in for me! While I’m disappointed that I have yet to meet WWE’s Naomi aka @trinity fatu in person, Jeffrey has,” she said.

Many followers swiftly expressed their support for the comedian and novelist in the comments section. Shepherd previously gained attention on social media after hosting the show in October in the absence of the eponymous host, and many fans applauded her performance. Some even asked producers to get her back on the show as soon as possible, which they did.

The actress-host followed up with a video of herself resting in her hospital bed after undergoing an appendectomy. Shepherd claimed she had no idea “where it originated from” and only discovered her issue after suffering “pain” in her stomach area.

“Hello, everyone!” Thank you for your kindness and well wishes. “My stomach was hurting so bad that the surgeons told me I needed an emergency #appendectomy last night,” she captioned.

Shepherd went on to tell her viewers that she will return to the talk show “tomorrow with the tea” since she is “feeling much better.”

Despite already feeling “better,” Williams is unlikely to return to her eponymous show at this time.

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