Sharon Osbourne ‘regrets’ after multiple cosmetic surgeries

 Sharon Osbourne ‘regrets’ after multiple cosmetic surgeries

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Celebrity Sharon Osbourne has publicly admitted to taking her cosmetic procedures too far. The 71-year-old, known for her television appearances, recently shared her experiences with multiple surgeries, including a facelift that had adverse effects.

In an interview with The Times, Osbourne revealed the complications she faced following her last facelift three-and-a-half years ago. The procedure resulted in asymmetrical eyes and required a year to correct. This experience, she says, was frightening and a wake-up call.

‘I frightened myself with what happened,’ Osbourne expressed, vowing to avoid future surgeries. ‘There’s nothing left to stretch, pull, cut. It’s time to leave well alone.’

Osbourne’s revelations extend beyond surgeries. She disclosed her struggle with weight loss, particularly after using the drug Ozempic. While the medication helped her lose 42 pounds, she now faces challenges in regaining a healthy weight.

As she currently weighs just over 7 stones (98 pounds), Osbourne’s goal is to gain 10 pounds. However, she finds this difficult, despite her efforts.

Reflecting on her experiences, Osbourne commented that her 2021 facelift was ‘the worst thing she ever did,’ marking a significant shift in her perspective towards cosmetic alterations.

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