Sharon Osbourne Fears Career Fallout Over Racism Controversy: ‘They Say I Am Racist’

 Sharon Osbourne Fears Career Fallout Over Racism Controversy: ‘They Say I Am Racist’

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Sharon Osbourne recently opened up about the difficulties she’s been facing in securing work within the United States, attributing her challenges to the backlash she received after a controversial incident on the daytime talk show, The Talk.

During her time on the UK version of the Celebrity Big Brother reality show, she shared her experiences with fellow participants, Lauren Simon and Louis Walsh, revealing that she feels ostracized in the American entertainment industry, She told co-stars Lauren Simon and Louis Walsh (via Yahoo!), “I got banned in America. I did nothing wrong.”

According to Yahoo!, when Simon inquired whether Osbourne could work in the U.S., Osbourne replied, “I can legally… but nobody will employ me because they say I am racist.” Simon noted Osbourne’s Jewish heritage, to which Osbourne affirmed, “I know, and that’s what I said to them!” “They believe we don’t understand being bullied,” Osbourne added. “I would never target someone based on their race or religion, ever.”

The controversy dates back to March 2021 when Osbourne found herself at the center of a heated debate on The Talk. The discussion was sparked by her defense of Piers Morgan’s critical remarks about Meghan Markle’s revelations concerning her mental health in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Osbourne stood by Morgan, asserting that he was not racist and emphasizing his freedom of expression, despite not agreeing with all his views.

This led to a tense on-air exchange with co-host Sheryl Underwood, who suggested that Osbourne’s defense of Morgan could be perceived as an endorsement of racist sentiments. Osbourne felt she was being unfairly judged for merely associating with someone accused of racism.

The fallout from this incident was swift and severe. Accusations of Osbourne’s own racist and homophobic behavior behind the scenes at The Talk emerged, which she vehemently denied. However, the damage was done, and she departed from the show soon after.

CBS conducted a review of the situation, concluding that the episode in question had been distressing for all involved, including the viewers, and that Osbourne’s actions towards her colleagues did not align with the network’s values of mutual respect.

In the aftermath, Osbourne recounted to The Sunday Times how her professional life took a nosedive. She described being put on an indefinite suspension and feeling as though she was being punished without a clear path to redemption. She was told that her future on the show was uncertain and that the decision-makers in this regard would remain anonymous.

Osbourne observed that while her career in the United Kingdom and Australia remained largely unaffected, her prospects in the United States dried up almost overnight. She noted a stark contrast in the reception she received, with her phone remaining silent in the US, a stark indication of the industry’s cold shoulder towards her following the incident. This situation highlighted the significant impact public controversies can have on a public figure’s career, particularly within the fast-paced and often unforgiving entertainment industry in the United States.

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