Shakira Sparks Romance Rumors with Lucien Laviscount Following Split from Gerard Piqué

 Shakira Sparks Romance Rumors with Lucien Laviscount Following Split from Gerard Piqué

Lucien Laviscount/Instagram

Shakira has ignited rumors of a new romantic interest in the aftermath of her tumultuous separation from Gerard Piqué, which occurred in June 2022. At 47, the renowned Colombian singer has reportedly begun a relationship with 31-year-old Lucien Laviscount.

Sources close to the situation have informed The Daily Mail that their connection developed after Laviscount participated in Shakira’s latest music video. This new development comes after the duo displayed considerable chemistry in the music video for “Punteria,” leading to widespread speculation about the nature of their relationship.

The insiders reveal that while the two did strike up a romance they are not “heavily involved,” which the singer’s pals are relieved about. “Shakira is desperate to fall in love – but her friends are concerned because Lucien has slowly crept his way up the celebrity ladder while dating women who were all less famous than Shakira,” the source told the outlet.

According to the insider, the British actor has been with “all very different women” whereas now he is “seeing” Shakira who “wants love” which is worrying her friends. “Her friends fear he just wants people to know his name and she provides that,” the source said. “They are seeing each other but are not heavily involved yet.”

According to insiders, Shakira and Laviscount have indeed embarked on a romantic journey, though it’s described as not being particularly intense at this stage. This news has reportedly been met with a sense of relief among Shakira’s close circle of friends and associates, suggesting a preference for a more low-key and less complicated romantic life for the singer at this time.

Shakira’s relationship with Piqué, with whom she has two sons, Milan, aged 11, and Sasha, aged 9, lasted for 11 years. Their breakup last year marked the end of a long-standing partnership that had been closely followed by fans and the media alike. The split was highly publicized, adding a layer of public scrutiny to Shakira’s personal life.

The singer’s association with Laviscount, known for his role in the popular series “Emily in Paris,” hints at a new chapter in her life. Despite the early stages of this relationship and the caution with which both individuals are reportedly proceeding, this development signifies Shakira’s readiness to move forward and explore new beginnings following a significant period of personal upheaval.

As this budding relationship unfolds, fans and observers are keenly watching for signs of how this new romance will develop, especially given the public interest in Shakira’s personal life following her split from Piqué. While the relationship between Shakira and Laviscount is still in its nascent stages, it marks a potentially significant moment in the singer’s life, symbolizing both recovery and the possibility of newfound happiness after a challenging period.

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