Sarah Jessica Parker as Hollywood’s Richest Celebrity

 Sarah Jessica Parker as Hollywood’s Richest Celebrity

sarah jessica parker as hollywoods richest celebrityLooks, beauty and seduction; all sums up Sarah Jessica Parker!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie are the richest female celebrities of Hollywood. Right now Sarah Jessica Parker holds a net worth of $90 million. This desirable celebrity gained fame through a drama/comedy series Sex and the City. This show made Sarah Jessica Parker fabulously wealthy and the re-runs of Sex and The City have made the very famous Sarah Jessica Parker a multi millionaire. Sarah Jessica Parker starred in the Sex and The City movie and earned a total of $290 million. It was estimated by the New York Daily Reports that Sarah Jessica Parker earns $38 million a year. The Forbes list of the highest paid actresses also revealed Sarah Jessica Parker to be on the first spot with Angelina Jolie. Read if you want to know more about Richest Celebrities.

Sarah Jessica Parker also launched her clothing line by the name of “Bitten” but the clothing line got discontinued due to some reasons. However, Bitten was loved by lots of young girls as it was quite a cheap clothing line. Also, her fragrance Lovely which got launched in 2005 is still ranked amongst the top five fragrances and is a favorite for many.

She launched a matching body lotion and a shower gel under the Lovely collection.  Sarah Jessica Parker has also launched other fragrances by the names of Twilight, Dawn and Endless which undoubtedly have made her wealth increase rapidly. Sarah Jessica Parker’s lasting success in the fashion market as well as the fragrance industry proves that her products are loved by many.

Sarah Jessica Parker has also remained an active member of the UNICEF charity campaigns and has donated her personal bath robe which helped in contributing $11,620 through an auction and Sarah Jessica Parker gained more love from her fans worldwide.

Sarah Jessica Parker has also been endorsing major top brands which include Gap and Garnier hair color range. Gap signed a three season deal with Sarah Jessica Parker in 2004 and she also appeared in ads for both the brands and her “pretty khakis” ad by Gap earned her quite a lot of bucks.

This million dollar celebrity has more to her charm. Sarah Jessica Parker is not just the richest celebrity on monetary aspects but her likes prove her to be the true richest celebrity of Hollywood. Sarah Jessica Parker’s love for shoes and her exquisite collection of shoes is beyond imagination. Sarah Jessica Parker claims herself that she has a whole closet left just for her footwear back home! Her shoe collection also depicts her elegant style.
Sarah Jessica Parker celebrated her 40th birthday like a true Richie rich at The Plaza, New York.

Sarah Jessica Parker has also anchored important shows like the MTV Movie Awards. Sarah Jessica Parker has also been on the list of the top 20 entertainers of Hollywood. This leading lady is also the member of the Hollywood Women’s Political Committee. Sarah Jessica Parker has also won a number of awards which include the Emmys and the Golden Globes as well as many others.

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