Robert Downey Jr reveals secret to lasting marriage to Susan Downey

 Robert Downey Jr reveals secret to lasting marriage to Susan Downey

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Robert Downey Jr., renowned for his role as Iron Man, and his wife, Susan Downey, recently shared their unique approach to maintaining a joyful marriage despite their hectic professional lives. In a candid conversation with People magazine, the couple disclosed the key strategy that has underpinned their enduring relationship: a “two-week rule” that ensures they never spend more than a fortnight apart.

The Downeys emphasized the importance of this family rule in keeping their bond strong and their family unit intact, even in the face of demanding schedules. Susan Downey elaborated on the practice, explaining that although the two-week separation can sometimes feel like an extended period, it’s a boundary they’ve committed to for the sake of their relationship and family cohesion.

Susan continued, “Fortunately, we prefer to be a traveling circus when we can be”. The couple have been together for 21 years and share two children together Exton Elias Downey, 12, and Avri Roel Downey, 9. Downey shares another child Indio Falconer Downey, 30, with ex-wife Deborah Falconer.

This rule guarantees regular reunions and quality time together, fostering a sense of closeness and stability amidst their fast-paced lives. The adoption of such a rule highlights the couple’s proactive measures to prioritize their marriage and family life, recognizing the potential strains that their professional commitments could impose on their personal relationships.

By setting a clear limit on the time spent apart, Robert and Susan Downey ensure that their family remains a central focus, and they continuously nurture their connection, no matter the external demands. This deliberate approach to marriage and family life serves as a testament to the Downeys’ commitment to one another and their shared values. It underscores the necessity of setting boundaries and making conscious efforts to preserve the quality of personal relationships in the whirlwind of career obligations.

Given Robert’s busy schedule and Susan’s responsibilities as a producer, she acknowledged, “You keep the basic rule of two weeks, and then you don’t try and think too far ahead, because so much of what we do is oddly unpredictable”.

The “two-week rule” not only mitigates the challenges posed by their busy schedules but also reinforces the foundation of their marriage, demonstrating the couple’s dedication to each other and their family’s well-being. The Downeys’ strategy offers a valuable perspective on managing work-life balance and sustaining a healthy, happy marital relationship.

“I really admire and have a lot of empathy for couples who both have to be in front of the camera, because you get stuck and you have to make those choices”, she added.

It reflects a broader understanding that in the midst of professional achievements and public life, the essence of personal fulfillment often lies in the strength and happiness of one’s family connections. Their open discussion about this practice with People magazine provides a glimpse into their life together and shares a potential blueprint for other couples navigating similar challenges in maintaining their relationships amidst demanding careers.

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