Olivier Martinez – $ 20 Million Man

 Olivier Martinez – $ 20 Million Man

Olivier MartinezOlivier Martinez is a french film actor of 45. He was born on January 12th, 1966 in Paris, France.  He graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique  – The most acknowledged conservatory programs in the world.

Olivier Martinez started off his acting career in early 90es and got famous for his roles in french films such as ,” Un, deux, trois,soleil” , “The Horseman On The Roof”, “The Chambermaid On The Titanic” and many others. He won his Cesar Award for “the most promising actor”. Later on, he also appeared in some Hollywood produced features such as Before Night Falls, Unfaithful and S.W.A.T.

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His personal life has always remained under the lime light and a source of much attention as he is a womanizer. What makes him a womanizer is his sex appeal and far beyond that, Olivier Martinez net worth is what women usually adore. He is amongst the richest celebrities in the world. Olivier Martinez net worth estimated for 2011 is $ 20 million.

Olivier Martinez is therefore reported to date a string of models and actresses in different times. Olivier Martinez has kept dating the well known actress Mira Sorvino, the singer Kylie Minorgue. The famous English model and actress, Rosie Huntington Whiteley has the privilege of remaining Olivier Matrinez’s girl friend once. These days he is dating Helle Berry.

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Helle Berry is an American actress of more or less Olivier’s age. She is on the other hand also one of the richest celebrities of the world. The couple is reported to be dating since 2010 and lately got engaged to each other. Helle Berry has been married twice before, and this one seems to be her third venture with Olivier Martinez. According to Helle, Olivier Martinez is the perfect husband material and a keeper. She has therefore said yes to his proposal.

Olivier Martinez and Helle Berry are among the richest celebrities couples. Both are the award winner, versatile actors showing an unmatched level of competence when comes to acting. Olivier Martinez has a long way to go and grab the public attention for being the most glamorous and cool celebrity and the richest one too.

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