Rebel Wilson confesses she used Ozempic for ‘weight management’ not weight loss

 Rebel Wilson confesses she used Ozempic for ‘weight management’ not weight loss

Photo by Rebel Wilson/Instagram

Rebel Wilson, the renowned actress from “Pitch Perfect,” has recently shared insights into her personal health journey, specifically her use of the medication Ozempic. Unlike its common association with weight loss, Wilson clarified that her usage of the drug was aimed at maintaining her current physique rather than shedding extra pounds.

During her guest appearance on “The Diary Of A CEO” podcast, hosted by Steven Bartlett, Wilson discussed various aspects of her personal and professional life, including her significant weight transformation. The actress famously embarked on what she termed her “year of health” in 2020, during which she lost 36 kilos (approximately 79 pounds). This transformation was not just about physical change but also represented a deeper, more comprehensive approach to health and wellness, told Daily Mail.

Sharing her thoughts on Ozempic, Rebel said, “I wish I had known about it in 2020. If I had known about it, I would have tried it, one hundred percent.” ‘(It was) more for when I had lost like, 35 kilos, I was like, I can’t continue working out and having this level of focus. And I was very worried that the weight would come back on,” explained the 44-year-old. Nevertheless, Rebel mentioned she’s “no longer taking the semaglutide injectable”.

However, the Pain & Gain actress explained, “Now I have gained back 10 kilos, I guess because of having a baby and I just can’t work out to the level that I used to.” “And so I tried it for a few months for weight management, I guess you could call it,” she continued.

Rebel pointed out, “I had an unlimited ability to eat sweets and chocolates and ice cream and stuff and that drug helped me to feel full whereas, I would not feel like that before. I could eat a tonne.” “I actually liked it. I think for people like me those drugs can be really effective, but obviously, I’m not on it right now. But maybe if I was prescribed by a doctor I would go back on it,” she added.

The “Senior Year” actress opened up about her recent experiences with Ozempic, a drug that has garnered widespread attention for its weight loss benefits. However, Wilson emphasized that her interaction with the drug was brief and specifically targeted at maintaining her weight loss. This was particularly important to her after the birth of her baby daughter via surrogate in November 2022, a joyful yet life-changing event that influenced her health routines.

Wilson’s candid discussion about Ozempic sheds light on a less discussed aspect of weight management—maintaining weight loss as opposed to achieving it. This distinction is crucial, as maintenance requires a different strategy and mindset, often involving ongoing lifestyle adjustments and sometimes medical interventions.

Her decision to use Ozempic was informed by these considerations and was part of a broader strategy to manage her health post-pregnancy. It highlights the challenges many face after achieving significant weight loss, where the focus shifts from losing weight to sustaining those results over the long term.

In her conversation with Bartlett, Wilson also touched on the pressures and expectations placed on public figures regarding their physical appearance and how these perceptions can influence personal decisions about health and body image. By sharing her experience, Wilson contributes to a larger conversation about body positivity and the varied tools individuals might use to support their health goals, including prescription medications.

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