Rachel Leviss Opens Up About Dating Again ‘Looking Forward to a Fun Summer Fling’

 Rachel Leviss Opens Up About Dating Again ‘Looking Forward to a Fun Summer Fling’

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Rachel “Raquel” Leviss is ready to dive back into the dating pool! The Vanderpump Rules star announced her intentions for a ‘fun summer fling’ on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, in the Thursday, June 27 episode. Leviss, however, has a strict rule about when she would sleep with a potential date. “I’m looking forward to it,” she confessed.

The 29-year-old reality TV star shared, “I’m looking for someone who is safe and reliable and emotionally mature, emotionally stable, and someone who’s gonna treat me right.” Leviss added, “…gotten my life in order enough where I’m open to that next step.” She expressed her desire for a ‘fun summer fling that could lead to something more serious.’

Leviss also revealed a new rule she plans to stick to: “I definitely wouldn’t sleep with someone on the third date, especially because I already have a reputation. [I] don’t need people making assumptions about me being easy. I guess I kinda am a little afraid of romance.” She admitted she fears “falling in love with someone who’s not a good quality person and getting attached.”

Leviss explained that she set these new rules to ‘expand [my] own experience’ and ‘learn more about [my]self,’ as reported by US Magazine. Leviss made headlines last year for her affair with Tom Sandoval, one of her co-stars on Vanderpump Rules. The reality star was in a mental health facility when the news of their affair broke.

“I tried this dating experience with the new person who approached me and asked me on a date. I intentionally wanted to take it slow,” she revealed, as reported by People. “And then with Tom, it was like it was a secret relationship that I was thinking with my heart and not logically. I wanted to have sex, and we did. So maybe it’s like a balancing act,” she added. Leviss was dating Matthew Dunn, but the pair has since split.

She shared the reasons behind the breakup: “He told me one thing and his actions were different. I asked him not to post on social media because it was too soon in the relationship. We were dating for a month,” as reported by Page Six. “The media caught wind of that, and it was just this whole thing. I had to end it. It was hard. It was sad because we had a good connection and good conversation and he was emotionally stable and emotionally intelligent.

Obviously, those are standard things but those were new things for me to experience,” Leviss continued. “It just seemed like maybe he either had an impulse control issue because we agreed not to do that or he wanted to post to, like, show me off,” she added. Leviss’s candid revelations about her dating life and the lessons she’s learned show her commitment to finding a meaningful connection while navigating the complexities of romance and public scrutiny.

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