Rachel Leviss alleges ‘Grooming’ by Tom Sandoval, echoing Lala Kent’s statements

 Rachel Leviss alleges ‘Grooming’ by Tom Sandoval, echoing Lala Kent’s statements


Rachel Leviss, known for her role on the reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules,” has recently made serious allegations against her former romantic interest and fellow cast member, Tom Sandoval. Leviss accuses Sandoval of grooming her, a claim she discussed in depth on her podcast “Rachel Goes Rogue” on iHeart.

During an episode featuring therapist Melissa Reich, Leviss opened up about her experiences and the dynamics of her relationship with Sandoval, which has been a topic of intrigue and controversy among fans of the show. The context of Leviss’s allegations is particularly complex due to the nature of her and Sandoval’s relationship, which came to light last year and was marked by its overlap with Sandoval’s relationship with Ariana Madix, another cast member and Leviss’s friend.

This triangular dynamic has added layers of tension and scrutiny to the situation, fueling discussions within the “Vanderpump Rules” community and beyond. In her conversation with Reich, Leviss reflected on previous comments made by co-star Lala Kent, who had hinted at Sandoval’s alleged grooming behavior. Leviss indicated that she found Kent’s observations to be relatable and that they resonated with her own experiences with Sandoval, told Us Weekly.

However, Leviss also made it clear that she was cautious about definitively categorizing Sandoval’s actions, even stepping back from a previous claim where she labeled him as narcissistic. Instead, Leviss chose to describe her observations of Sandoval’s patterns and behaviors, which she believes align with certain psychological concepts and terminologies used to understand such dynamics.

The scandal surrounding Leviss and Sandoval’s affair emerged in March 2023, amidst the backdrop of Sandoval’s breakup with Ariana Madix, also a key figure in the “Vanderpump Rules” series. The fallout from the revelation of their affair has had significant implications for all parties involved.

Despite initially maintaining their relationship, Leviss and Sandoval’s connection began to deteriorate following Leviss’s three-month stay in a mental health facility. This period of reflection and recovery led Leviss to make the difficult decision to step away from the upcoming eleventh season of “Vanderpump Rules,” signaling a significant shift in her personal and professional life.

These developments have sparked widespread discussion and debate among fans and observers of the show, highlighting the complex interplay of personal relationships, mental health, and public scrutiny in the world of reality television. Leviss’s allegations against Sandoval have added another layer to this ongoing narrative, raising important questions about behavior, accountability, and the impact of such dynamics in closely-knit communities like that of “Vanderpump Rules.”

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