Piers Morgan Criticizes Prince Harry Amid Royal Family Turmoil

 Piers Morgan Criticizes Prince Harry Amid Royal Family Turmoil

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Piers Morgan, a well-known television personality with a history of expressing his critical views on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, recently voiced strong opinions regarding Prince Harry’s relationship with his royal family members. Morgan’s critique comes at a time when the royal family, particularly Prince William, is navigating through a period of significant stress following the health diagnosis of both King Charles and Kate Middleton.

At 58, the former anchor of “Good Morning Britain” has once again focused his critique on Prince Harry, suggesting that the Duke of Sussex should reflect on his actions towards his family, especially in light of recent family losses and challenges. Morgan highlighted the recent passing of two central figures in the royal family, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth, which has led to considerable changes and challenges within the royal household.

In his column for The Sun on Monday, Morgan was full of praise for how William has conducted himself during a trying few months for his family as he wrote: “Many people might have crumbled under the weight of all this death, sickness, tragedy and treachery.

“But if ever proof was needed that the heir to the throne has what it takes to be our next King, it’s surely been evident in the astoundingly impressive ‘show-must-go-on’ mentality that he’s displayed amid all the soul-crushing turmoil swirling around him.”

Adding to his critique, Morgan commented on the recent reports that Harry and Meghan, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, had made private attempts to reach out to Prince William and Kate Middleton following the news of Kate’s health concerns. Morgan insinuated that the news of this private outreach might have been deliberately shared by Harry and Meghan’s team, casting a shadow of skepticism over the sincerity of the gesture.

People wrote on X: “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Privately Reached Out to Kate Middleton and Prince William After Cancer Announcement.”  The outspoken TV presenter reacted to it in his own style: “If it was done ‘privately’ then how do you know?” The broadcaster added an emoji of a face with a monocle.”

Morgan’s remarks reflect his ongoing scrutiny of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s actions and their impact on the royal family’s dynamics, especially during times of vulnerability and change. His comments add another layer to the public discourse surrounding the relationships and challenges faced by the royal family members, highlighting the complex interplay of personal, familial, and public expectations in their lives.

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