OReilly mocked at Kim Bieber beach photo shoot

 OReilly mocked at Kim Bieber beach photo shoot

Kim BieberAfter a week of calling Aniston ‘destructive to society’ for playing a single mom in ‘The Switch’ O’Reilly now aims at Kardashian and Bieber, who recently posed together by the beach for a magazine photo shoot.

The 60 year old, O’Reilly mocked  by saying that Bieber, 16 looked like a Ringo Star and wondered if the ‘The Graduate/Mrs. Robinson’ themed pictures were even appropriate, adding, “it looks like a 16 year old having an affair with a celebutante”

Panelist Rebecca Diamond argued: “It’s every sixteen-year-old male’s dream to have pictures with Kim Kardashian.”

O’Reilly, 60, claimed that he wasn’t interested in sexy older women when he was Bieber‘s age. “I wanted to be a baseball player when I was 16” he said adding, “I didn’t want to hang around with Kim Kardashian. I had a baseball bat and a bat and a pair of ice skates! That’s what I was doing.”


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