Oksana Is Saying Mel Gibson Is An Abusive Man

 Oksana Is Saying Mel Gibson Is An Abusive Man
Mel Gibson and OksanaSources tell us that Oksana filed a domestic violence restraining order against Mel Gibson. After the two had a violent feud. Oksana claims that he beat her up badly in January, however at that time an order wasn’t issued.

Not until now has she decided that Gibson stays away from her. According to her she feared for herself and her daughter, and that is why she wasn’t letting the little girl spend time with Gibson on father’s day. Insiders believe that the baby is at risk if Oksana allows him to take her and spend time with her. Sources however are claiming that her own claims are not true when it comes to Mel Gibson. They are all pointing out the fact that she stayed with Gibson after the alleged incident. Mel Gibson was looking forward to seeing the kids on Father’s day but that didn’t happen and for many people looking at this situation that was totally uncalled for by Oksana. She could have had a supervised visit for Gibson.

Obviously in retaliation, Mel Gibson is claiming that the relationship they had is over and he doesn’t understand why she would lie in such a way. He claims he would never do anything to hurt her or the children.

People close to Mel Gibson say that he is a calm guy and wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially someone he cared a lot for. That’s just not his way was one statement from a friend. Even film makers are siding with Gibson because he never really gets angry, even on the set when things aren’t going well.

No one knows the real reason behind Oksana’s allegations or why she stayed with him for so long before telling everyone that he beat her up so bad in January and he still beats on her. It just doesn’t make any sense.

(source: hollywoodgo.com)

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