Natalie Portman enjoys dinner amid divorce plans

 Natalie Portman enjoys dinner amid divorce plans

Photo: Getty Images

On a recent Monday evening, Natalie Portman was seen enjoying a dinner outing with a female friend in the bustling city of Los Angeles. The acclaimed “The Other Woman” actress, aged 42, opted for a chic ensemble featuring a long blue coat paired with casual jeans, complemented by a stylish Christian Dior purse, showcasing her impeccable fashion sense.

Amidst swirling rumors of a rift, Portman’s appearance without her wedding ring added fuel to the speculative fire concerning her marriage with Benjamin Millepied. The absence of the ring on such a public occasion has led to increased speculation about the state of their relationship. Portman and Millepied, a renowned choreographer, share two children, further complicating the narrative surrounding their marriage.

During the outing, Portman was captured engaging with her smartphone, sporting a natural look without makeup and her hair casually flowing down her shoulders, presenting a relaxed demeanor amid the personal turmoil.

The dinner date occurs against a backdrop of growing rumors suggesting Portman is on the verge of filing for divorce from Millepied. This conjecture is fueled by reports of Millepied’s alleged affair with a much younger climate activist, adding a layer of scandal to the already tense situation.

In a revealing interview with WSJ Magazine, Portman hinted at the dissolution of her 11-year marriage to the 46-year-old Millepied. Although she discussed her life in Paris with their two children, Millepied’s absence from the narrative was conspicuously noted, leading to further speculation about their marital discord.

This confirmation of marital issues comes shortly after Portman was observed without her wedding band, and closely follows her solo appearance at the Golden Globes, events that have contributed to the narrative of their separation.

Sources close to Portman suggest that she is preparing to legally end the marriage while still grappling with the possibility of reconciliation, despite the alleged betrayal. The actress is said to be taking time to “process and heal” from the developments, with a focus on what is best for their children, 12-year-old son Aleph and 6-year-old daughter Amalia, as she navigates through this challenging phase of her personal life.

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