The Avengers Movie Review

 The Avengers Movie Review

The Avengers Movie ReviewEvery summer blockbuster or a comic book movie should be exactly like The Avengers. The ingredients were perfect in the movie. The cast was brilliant and it was a perfect summer blockbuster. One thing that did set The Avengers apart from the rest of the movies was the writing and no one can do it better than Joss Whedon. He did a great job in writing the movie. The visual effects used in The Avengers were also first rated.

Recently so many superhero movies are coming up and most of them did not do a really good job. It was more like gathering everything and putting it together in to a film without a strong script or thought of what they were trying to make.

The Avengers made perfect sense and the story was pretty good as well. There were these figures that were larger than life and they all came together to fight against a common enemy. The story was perfect for superhero movie. Downy did a great job in the movie as far as the acting and the performance is concerned. The movie also had a great villain which is one of the most important ingredients in such films, Hiddleston did a great job. Another thing which was special about The Avengers was a pinch of humor in it which is mostly not there in such movies. The movie is great and it has the perfect amount of all the ingredients and it doesn’t seem long at all. The 3D has only given it more effects but it is also brilliant on 2D.

It is a great movie to enjoy with family and kids.

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