Review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation

 Review of G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Movie Overview:

G I Joe Retaliation

G.I. Joe Retaliation is an American science fiction action film. G.I. Joe Retaliation revolves around the fight of G.I Joe, an elite military unit comprised of special operatives, who takes revenge on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer. The fast action based movie, G.I. Joe Retaliation shows G.I. Joe military unit fighting against their mortal combat enemy Cobra, as well as their struggle against threats from within the government that puts G.I. Joe Retaliation unit’s own survival at risk.

Star Cast:

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The movie G.I.Joe Retaliation got released on March 28, 2013, in North America. Directed by the famous American film director and screenwriter, Jon M. Chu, the movie G.I.Joe Retaliation is based on Hasbro’s G.I. Joe toy, a famous line of action figures produced by the toy company Hasbro, and is a sequel to ‘G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra’, produced in 2009.G.I.Joe Retaliation features an ensemble cast, starring Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Ray Park, Jonathan Pryce, D.J. Catrona and Adrianne Palick. The leading actors of G.I.Joe Retaliation have played their roles impressively.

Action Sequences:

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G.I.Joe Retaliation is a full of great and cool action sequences that are fun loving and worth to watch. The addition of the ‘The Rock’ and ‘Bruce Willis’ offers good action chops in the G.I. Joe unit. The latest G.I.Joe Retaliation series is much better than its predecessor. The action and fighting sequences have been executed well. Last thirty minutes of G.I.Joe Retaliation features a lot of nuclear destruction and shooting.

Story line:

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G.I.Joe Retaliation has a strong story line. The movie G.I.Joe Retaliation starts with a restriction on a nuclear facility. The President’s (Jonathan Pryce)new plan is to disarm the world’s nuclear missiles. He has a deceitful organization behind his sleeve and his first initiative is to finish G.I. Joes. The three special operatives of G.I.Joe Retaliation military unit are Roadblock (Dwayne Johnson), Lady Jaye(Adrianne Palicki) and Flint (D.J. Catrona). The President succeeds in his mission of killing Joes. However, the three G.I.Joe Retaliation operatives listed above survive. The film G.I.Joe Retaliation takes a new turn when the trio team up with former General Joe Colton (Bruce Willis)and Snake Eyes (Ray Park) to take down Cobra and save the world.

Another strong sequence of G.I.Joe Retaliation is observed by the dual stories of Roadblock and his gang, and the chase of Storm Shadow by Snake Eyes. This last thirty minutes sequence of G.I.Joe Retaliation greatly keeps the audience in a situation of excitement and suspense.

Weak Aspects:

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Although,G.I.Joe Retaliation is a fun entertainment movie with lots of good conventional action fragments and an interesting plot, but there is still a room for improvement in various aspects of the strategy of G.I.Joe Retaliation. The movie deals with building a good plot, but it switches between stories way too often making it definitely the least interesting aspect of the film.

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