Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

 Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolTom Cruise without a doubt is a very respectable actor. But if we look at his last movies then we will notice one thing that Tom Cruise is going for action movies more. Most of the actions that are performed in those movies are done by Tom Cruise himself which is the most liked thing of Tom Cruise by his followers. If we look Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol then we will again find an action hero Tom Cruise in it.

Not only Tom Cruise is doing so, other male heroes who are getting old day by day are also going for this strategy and they are acting in movies which have either sex or violence. This thing kills the real story in the movie.

If we look at the sequence of mission impossible series it has always won the heart of its viewers. Especially Mission impossible 2 was enjoyed by viewers. Mission impossible: Ghost protocol is no more different then the know stories. Its whole story can be written in just some number of lines. Like many action movies there was a wrathful mad Russian scientist who wanted to blow world by nuclear bomb. Ethan hunt gets out of the jail and with his 3 agents saves the world from getting destroyed.

The thing that boosted this simple mission impossible: ghost protocol story was the breath taking action that was performed by Tom Cruise himself and the dialogues which were really appreciated by the viewers. . The third best thing which attracted the viewer’s towards this movie was the presence of Tom Cruise in it. Mission impossible is supposed to be an action movie and all the actions has justified this fact. If we talk about action of mission impossible: Ghost protocol then no one can do it better then Tom cruise. If some hero can jump from Burj Khalifa then that hero deserves a standing ovation. This shows the affection for the work in Tom Cruise.

Mission Impossible: ghost protocol had everything which an action movie should possess. It had the jail break, best buildings action and best cars which were shot in Mumbai. I seriously doubt that parking lot was in Mumbai. Maybe it’s the future.

Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol also has a Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor in it. So all the fans of Anil Kapoor if you are going to watch mission impossible: ghost protocol because of Anil Kapoor then you should not watch it. Anil Kapoor was only shown in a movie for just few minutes as a big business tycoon of India.

In the end watching all the previous Mission impossible movies it is difficult for this part to face any kind of monetary loss.

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