Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ earns $92 million in huge opening

 Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Jungle Cruise’ earns $92 million in huge opening

Renowned actor Dwayne Johnson recently turned to social media and gushed over Jungle Cruise’s $92 million weekends opening paycheck.

Johnson showed off the shocking number via a screenshot from the Us Weekly announcement and a caption that read, “Emily and I are so blown away by audiences’ enormous love for JUNGLE CRUISE – THANK YOU”.

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“We’re very pleased with our $92M opening result around the world both in theaters and at home in your living rooms with your families.”

“It was important for us to give you the option on how you want to see it – and we’re grateful to the bone that you absolutely LOVE THE MOVIE and we love seeing all of your amazing comments!!!”

“*We’re also the only blockbuster of 2021 that did not see a double-digit box office drop from FRI-SAT, but instead our movie – because of YOU – saw an unprecedented surging 15% Fri-Sat uptick over the weekend That’s a quiet yet big business metric that speaks to the love of JUNGLE CRUISE! Thank you for the love – we love and appreciate you back.”

Check it out below:

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