Megan Fox to EXPOSE men’s ‘secrets’ in book ‘Pretty boys are Poisonous’

 Megan Fox to EXPOSE men’s ‘secrets’ in book ‘Pretty boys are Poisonous’

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On Tuesday, Megan Fox announced her debut as a poet, promising to unveil the “secrets” and “transgressions” of men in her upcoming book of poems, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.

Taking to Instagram, she showcased the book’s cover, featuring a mouth engaging with a snake, captioned, “I wrote a book.”

The acclaimed Transformers actress shared, “These poems are my attempt to confront the anguish stemming from my silence.”

She went on to say, “My whole life, I’ve held onto men’s secrets, bearing the pain of their transgressions.”

Fox expressed hope that her writings can inspire others, stating, “Within these pages lies my freedom, and I hope my words can empower others to reclaim their joy and identity by using their voice to shine a light on what’s been hidden in the shadows.”

While Fox hasn’t disclosed specifics about the men she references, her publisher, Simon & Schuster, offered more insight into the book. They highlighted Fox’s “distinctive humor” and remarked, “Across over seventy poems, Fox illustrates the lengths we go to mold ourselves for those we cherish, even if it results in our own loss.”

Pretty Boys Are Poisonous is set to hit the shelves on November 7.

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