Megan Fox is ‘Frustrated’ & Finding It “Difficult to Get Along” with Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly

 Megan Fox is ‘Frustrated’ & Finding It “Difficult to Get Along” with Fiancé Machine Gun Kelly


Celebrity couple Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Megan Fox are reportedly experiencing turbulence in their relationship, despite public appearances that seemed to contradict earlier rumors of a split in February. The couple has been in the spotlight recently due to Megan’s newly released collection of poems, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous,” which has stirred up controversy and speculation about its impact on their relationship.

Released on November 7th, Megan Fox’s “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous” quickly captivated public attention with its raw and revealing content. The collection includes poems that touch on deeply personal experiences, ranging from distressing encounters with a famous man to the pain of a miscarriage. These revelations have been a source of much discussion among fans and media alike.

According to a source speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Machine Gun Kelly is reportedly upset and has been having frequent arguments with Megan. The crux of the issue seems to be MGK’s reaction to the intimate details of Megan’s past romantic relationships depicted in her book. The source suggests that MGK is taking these revelations personally, leading to conflicts between the couple.

The insider added that Megan is feeling frustrated by MGK’s lack of support, particularly his failure to understand that some poems are not about him. Despite these challenges, the couple is reportedly still together and trying to work through their issues.

Fans previously speculated that one of Megan’s poems, “A Beautiful Boy is a Deadly Drug,” was a reference to Machine Gun Kelly. This speculation was fueled by an Instagram post from Megan in August 2020, where she described MGK as an “achingly beautiful boy.”

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s romance blossomed on the set of the film “Midnight In The Switchgrass.” Their relationship deepened as they worked together on MGK’s music video for “Bloody Valentine,” eventually leading to their engagement in January 2022.

After navigating various ups and downs earlier this year, reports suggested that the couple had fully reconciled and were planning their wedding. However, the latest developments have raised concerns among their fans.

Megan Fox was previously married to actor Brian Austin Green for ten years, with whom she shares three children: Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. Machine Gun Kelly, meanwhile, has been linked to high-profile figures like Amber Rose and model Sommer Ray in the past. The current situation casts a shadow of uncertainty over what many have viewed as one of Hollywood’s most dynamic and passionate relationships.

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