Surprising Change: Meghan McCain Vows to End Criticism of President Biden

 Surprising Change: Meghan McCain Vows to End Criticism of President Biden

Lou Rocco/ABC, via Getty Images

Former “The View” co-host Meghan McCain, known for her outspoken opinions, especially about the Biden family, has decided to adopt a more private approach when it comes to the president and his relatives. Her decision appears to be influenced by a conversation with her mother, Cindy McCain, who maintains a close relationship with President Joe Biden.

Meghan conveyed this change in stance during an interview with The Messenger, explaining that her mother had requested she refrain from discussing her critical views on the Biden administration in public. She stated, “My mother has asked me to keep these things private because she still maintains a very close relationship with him. Out of respect for her, I just am not going to talk about it publicly.”

While the McCain and Biden families may differ in their political beliefs, Meghan McCain has been one of the few to consistently voice her criticism of Biden in a public forum. Cindy McCain, on the other hand, endorsed Biden for president in 2020.

During the announcement of the John S. McCain III library at Arizona State University in September 2023, Cindy referred to Joe Biden as “a long-time friend, tough political opponent, and strong leader.” Biden reciprocated the sentiment and acknowledged his enduring friendship with John McCain, even when they were political rivals during John’s presidential campaign against Barack Obama.

Biden has also shown support for Meghan McCain in the past. In a 2017 appearance on “The View,” Meghan emotionally discussed the president’s memoir, which delves into his son Beau’s cancer diagnosis and passing, the same cancer that afflicted her father, John McCain. Biden comforted Meghan, expressing his deep respect for her father, despite their political disagreements.

While Meghan McCain was an outspoken conservative voice during her tenure on “The View,” her public criticism of Joe Biden has intensified in recent years. She has used derogatory terms to refer to him and alleged “obvious mental decline” in her columns for the Daily Mail. This appears to contrast with her earlier statements, such as her declaration of love for Biden and her gratitude for his support during her father’s illness.

Although Meghan has agreed to respect her mother’s wishes and keep Joe Biden’s name out of her public discourse, it remains uncertain whether this pledge extends to Biden’s son, Hunter, who has also been a frequent target of Meghan’s Daily Mail columns. Only time will reveal if and how Meghan’s rhetoric regarding the Bidens evolves.

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