Matt Damon considers Jennifer Lopez creates rift between him and Ben Affleck

 Matt Damon considers Jennifer Lopez creates rift between him and Ben Affleck

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Hollywood star Matt Damon is reportedly feeling the strain in his friendship with Ben Affleck, allegedly due to Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez. According to a source speaking to the National Enquirer, Damon has concerns about the dynamics of Affleck’s relationship with Lopez.

The source indicates that Damon perceives a growing rift between himself and Affleck, seemingly exacerbated by Lopez’s presence. “Ben often seems to be in trouble with J Lo, and Matt’s attempts to offer advice haven’t been well received,” shared the insider.

An interesting point raised by the source is the sense of déjà vu, as a similar situation reportedly occurred two decades ago. Despite the risk of alienating Affleck, Damon feels compelled to speak up. “Matt is concerned seeing Ben frequently on the red carpet, appearing overshadowed by Lopez’s celebrity status,” the source explained.

The insider also highlighted Damon’s discomfort with Lopez’s influence over Affleck, saying, “Matt dislikes how she seems to dominate Ben, and his outspokenness has led to Ben distancing himself.”

The strain on their long-standing friendship is notable, particularly given Damon’s initial skepticism about the rekindling of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship, dubbed ‘Bennifer 2.0’. “Matt has been publicly supportive for Ben’s sake, but he’s privately critical of Lopez’s treatment of Ben and feels he can’t stay silent any longer,” the source concluded.

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