Malia Obama Seems to Share a Former Habit with Her Dad

 Malia Obama Seems to Share a Former Habit with Her Dad

Josiah Kamau—BuzzFoto via Getty Images

Malia and Sasha Obama, once the charming first daughters of the White House, are now young adults shaping their futures. While the White House life was a dream for many, adulthood brings its own set of challenges.

Notably, Malia faced a backlash in 2016 when photos of her smoking at Lollapalooza went viral. Since then, she’s been seen smoking multiple times, including in Los Angeles in October 2023, as reported by PageSix.

Interestingly, Sasha was seen with a cigarette just a week before Malia’s recent spotting. This shared habit seems reminiscent of their father, Barack Obama’s, public struggle with nicotine during his presidency.

Barack had openly discussed his difficulty in quitting smoking. It wasn’t until 2011 that he gave up cigarettes. According to his memoir, “A Promised Land,” Malia’s reaction to the smell of tobacco on him was a pivotal moment leading to his decision. Michelle Obama, the former FLOTUS, confirmed the vital role their daughters played in Barack’s decision to quit, (per CNN).

Away from the spotlight of the White House, Malia is now finding her place in Hollywood. Set to direct in an upcoming Donald Glover project, she’s embracing her passion for the entertainment industry.

The bond between the Obama sisters remains unbreakable. Michelle Obama once described them as each other’s best friends, emphasizing the support they provide one another. They’ve even chosen to share a home in Los Angeles, (per NBC News).

As grown-ups, both sisters have the autonomy to make personal choices, including about smoking. Should they ever wish to quit, their parents, especially their father, would undoubtedly offer encouragement and support. After all, with the sisters influencing their dad to quit, perhaps he can now inspire them.

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