Madonna Slams Instagram for Removing her Racially Insensitive photos without Warning

 Madonna Slams Instagram for Removing her Racially Insensitive photos without Warning

Source: Instagram / Madonna

The singer of “Like a Virgin” recently shared some photos on the photo-sharing site. Instagram, on the other hand, took down her post without alerting her because her breast was visible in the photos. Madonna re-posted the same photos, but this time added an emoji to hide her breast so her post wouldn’t be deleted by Instagram.

Madonna can be seen resting in bed in black mesh underwear in the images. She covered her breast with a heart emoji in the first photo. She did the same thing with the other two photos of her on top of the bed that she uploaded.

In some of the photos, she even showed off her buttocks. Madonna posed under the bed with her derrière and legs on full view in a single photo.

In the description, she added, “I’m reposting images Instagram pulled down without warning or notification.” “The reason they gave my account management was that a small bit of my nipple was exposed,” says the woman. It still amazes me that we live in a society where every inch of a woman’s body is visible except her nipple.” Madonna was taken aback by the platform’s explanation, which implied that nipples were the only portion of a woman’s anatomy that could be sexualized. She also emphasized the importance of women’s nipples, which nourish babies.

How about a woman’s a—? It’s never prohibited anyplace.” She said, “Giving thanks that I have managed to keep my sanity through four decades of censorship, sexism, ageism, and misogyny.” “Perfectly timed with the lies we’ve been taught about the pilgrims peacefully breaking bread with Native Americans when they landed on Plymouth Rock!” God bless the United States of America.” Madonna’s latest Instagram post appeared to be in compliance with Instagram’s regulations because it had been up for several hours. Many of her supporters agreed with her stance on the subject.

“I completely agree!!!” Youssef Nabil, an Egyptian artist, has something to say about it.

Another fan added, “YES QUEEN.”


In the comments section of Madonna’s article, some of her fans mentioned the liberate the nipple initiative.

“FREE ALL NIPPLES!” exclaimed one.

“FREE THE NIP,” said another.

Madonna was chastised last month for replicating Marilyn Monroe’s death scenario for her V magazine cover picture. The “Material” appears in the pictures.

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