Labour Deputy Leader Gets Four Times Donations of Tories She Accuses of Sleaze

 Labour Deputy Leader Gets Four Times Donations of Tories She Accuses of Sleaze

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner is successful getting four times more donations then the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s TV producer Lord Waheed Alli, hedge-fund manager Martin Taylor, businessman Trevor Chinn and entrepreneur Rajesh Afrawal who is a deputy to London’s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Angela Rayner has received more in donations than the Conservative MPs she accuses of sleaze.

On Monday in the Parliament, Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt accused her and the Register of Members’ Financial Interests supported this idea. They claimed that since January 2020, Rayner has received more than £234,000 from businessmen and trade unions.

During COVID-19 pandemic Rayner nominated an emergency question on enforcement of the ministerial code of conduct  while claiming that government ministers and MPs had awarded contracts for vital medical equipment to their cronies and financial backers.

“If you were to take every single MP she’s made an allegation about this afternoon, and you were to look at all the political donations they have received since the pandemic started, if you were to add them all up; if you were to double them — no, Mr Speaker, if you were to quadruple them — you would still just about match what the honourable lady herself has received in the same time period,” Mordaunt responded — as she systematically dismantle Rayner’s argument.

Rayner’s long list of donations from businessmen include £50,000 from the Labour peer and media and entertainment millionaire Baron Waheed Alli, £25,000 from investor and hedge-fund manager Martin Taylor, another £25,000 from businessman and Labour Friends of Israel supporter Trevor Chinn, £10,000 from entrepreneur Rajesh Agrawal — London’s deputy mayor for business and another £10,000 from property firm Intro Developments Ltd, based in her native Manchester. With other private donors is about £125,500, almost £75,000 from super-union GMB, £25,000 from the Communication Workers’ Union and £10,000 from shop workers’ union USDAW.

From January to March 2020, they categorised as donations to Rayner’s campaign for the deputy leader job — which has put her in poll position to replace struggling Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer if he is forced to quit.

In the May 6th local and regional elections, starmer kick out token left-winger Rayner as Labour chairwoman in his mini-reshuffle of frontbenchers. when Labour lost the formerly secured Parliamentary seat of Hartlepool to Tories in a by-election.

But Rayner’s relief prize was to be awarded the lavish titles of Shadow First Secretary of State, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work. That has earned her the nickname “Three Jobs” — an echo of former PM Tony Blair’s deputy John Prescott, known as “Two Jags” for his pair of official cars.

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