Kourtney Kardashian Sparks Safety Concerns with Candle-Lit ASMR Video Amidst Newborn Care, Faces Criticism for Parenting and Production Choices

 Kourtney Kardashian Sparks Safety Concerns with Candle-Lit ASMR Video Amidst Newborn Care, Faces Criticism for Parenting and Production Choices


In Beverly Hills, California, Kourtney Kardashian, famed for her role in ‘The Kardashians’, raised eyebrows and concerns among her fans with a recent ASMR video posted on Instagram. The video, created to promote her brand Lemme, featured Kardashian lighting candles on her bed. This action sparked worries about the safety of her newborn baby, Rocky, with fans questioning whether the infant was in the vicinity during the shoot.

The video showed Kardashian indulging in various activities like reading a book and sipping a drink, all while being recorded by a microphone conspicuously dangling in front of her face. She captioned the video with, “Sweet dreams courtesy of @lemme sleep.” However, what was intended as a promotional piece quickly turned into a platform for fans to express their concerns and queries.

Many fans focused their comments on the safety of baby Rocky, questioning if he was under the care of nannies while Kourtney was engaged in what they perceived as risky behavior. One fan specifically asked, “Is the baby with the nanny?” Others expressed their hope that Kourtney would remember to extinguish the candle before falling asleep, while some pointed out the potential hazards of the smoke from the candle, especially with a two-month-old in the room, reported by OK Magazine.

Additionally, the production quality of the ASMR video did not escape criticism. Viewers commented on the apparent lack of investment in a professional microphone setup, with remarks ranging from light-hearted mockery to genuine suggestions for improvement. Comments like “Can you like afford a better mic set up or is that not in your budget yet?” and “Seriously, with all that money, this is how you do it,” reflected the audience’s mixed reactions.

Kourtney Kardashian’s approach to parenting and managing her household has also been a topic of discussion. Known for frequently changing nannies, her home is often described as chaotic, with a lack of discipline and regular bedtime routines. This revolving door of caregivers has been a subject of humor among her sisters, who jokingly criticize her inability to maintain consistent childcare.

Sources from Lifeandstyle mag have shed light on the challenges faced by caretakers in Kourtney’s household, citing instances where nannies quit due to difficulties with the children’s behavior or were dismissed by Kourtney herself. The source recounts an episode during a vacation in Hawaii where Kourtney sent her nanny on a demanding errand to a remote health food store for specific breakfast ingredients, highlighting her often impractical demands.

Kourtney is known to follow the attachment parenting style, which emphasizes a strong emotional and physical connection between parent and child. This approach includes responding quickly to a baby’s needs, using a baby sling for carrying, co-bathing, and breastfeeding on demand. She mentioned in a Vogue interview, “That’s what I did for my last two kids, we didn’t leave the house for the first 40 days.”

Her business ventures extend beyond her media presence. Kourtney launched Lemme in September 2023 after over five years of research. The brand offers a variety of products including bags, purses, totes, wallets, clutches, clothing, and even games, toys, and sporting goods. Additionally, she filed a trademark for another business, Unplug, focusing on health and wellness products like vitamins, supplements, and vitamin-fortified food and beverages.

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